Friday, 31 July 2009

Ok, Tuna fest is officially over

Its over. A strange thing happened. It was about 5:30pm and I just could not get why I was feeling really heavy and lethargic. I had to get up and cook the dinner and I was feeling like I was going to throw up just thinking about it, but I had to make it so I got up and did so. I made pastry for a quiche and then chopped the veg for the filling - Bacon, onion, mushrooms and cheese and put it in the oven. I peeled the potatoes for chips and tried to get myself together.

I just couldn't. I sat down for a bit and the only thing I could put it down to was the lack of carbs in my diet. I didn't think it would affect me this much to be fair. I went upstairs and washed my face and neck and hoped I would feel better, but I didn't. I kind of felt weak and heavy, but not weak if that makes any sense... I went for the 256th wee of the day and the smell was sour. Real dark and sour. It was definitely ketones. My mouth tasted funny too, so I did one of those little urine test sticks that I remembered I had when I did Atkins about 4 years ago. Well man it was DEEP PURPLE. Sooooooo Purple it was even darker than the shade on the packet! (I tested another one with water just to see if they were stil working ok). When I did Atkins it took a good 3 or 4 days to get into Ketosis - or the fat burning stage where your body is literally gobbling up your own flab for energy. This tuna diet took just over 24 hours.

I felt so crud that I went downstairs and decided enough was enough and I would have a normal dinner that evening. I had already made the quiche and the chips for the rest of the house (about to be deep fried in lard!), so I grabbed some rice from the freezer and then made a quick wet curry. If I was going to eat, I was going to do it right. So I made a really quick and easy tomato based curry - 1 can lentils, 1 can chopped tomato and curry powder cooked quickly. It was nice and wet and easy to eat. The last thing I wanted was to have a band problem as well!

This was fine and I felt mildly better within 10 minutes of eating. Phew... I started to feel better and better until about 20 minutes after dinner I thought that I must have just been hungry and that I was a total slacker and didn't try enough. We decided to then go to TB's house and have a nice chat, and I was contemplating going back to tuna again when DH asked me if I was ok...

Now, I thought I sounded fine, but he said I was kind of slurring my words and there were too many 's'-es in my words and that I looked flushed. I had to admit I felt a little light headed. By the time I got to TB's I was feeling drunk as a lord. I was red in the face, hot and sleepy and felt pickled!

So, I went from one extreme to the other in a very short space of time. After about 30 minutes I started to feel less pissed, but my head started expanding and contracting with a headache!

Honestly, I am completely fine now, but WOW! What a weird experience. I must have been so absolutely low in blood sugar that eating dinner of rice and tomato, with lots of carbs and sugars must have simply overloaded my system and I immediately converted it to alcohol! It was the most strangest thing ever. What was the most amazing thing was the speed at which it happened. This afternoon writing the blog I felt fine... a bit rough, but nothing too bad. Then Boom! - and then Boom again when I decided to stop. Wow.

So no more tuna for me for a while! Scary stuff!

Essentially with slimmingworld I have just had a pure red day yesterday and today back to Extra easy... so hopefully the weight will have changed a bit.


  1. What a fascinating account - you've scared me to death - I quite like tuna!!
    Glad you're back to normal... Phew.

  2. yeah, I think if you're going to do just the tuna thing perhaps you should think about adding some low carb veg in there as well... or some beans or legumes..

    I'm definitely going to try and add more protein in my diet, but I'm loving salad and veg at the mo and I couldn't give that up!!

    Maybe have a rule like - if it's white or made with white stuff, I don't eat it..

    What are the scales like?

    Love Love xx

  3. Bunny!!!!!!!!!! That is freakin scary. Stop with the crazy stuff now. There is no fast track. Think turtle. Slow and steady wins the race.

    Follow the band and your slimming world. Small bites, chew chew chew, protein first, drink before, no drinking for an hour after. If you know you can eat more if it is sloppy wet then don't make it wet--your are cheating your band.

    I think the band doctor screwed you a bit by not giving you after support. The band isn't an in and out solution it takes work and rule following. It just helps you from going off the deep end.

    Ok off my soapbox...I wish I lived closer. We need the international chapter of the band weight loss group. weekly meetings, face to face advice, monthly drinks hehe (ok not so good for the band but sounds fun doesn't it?)

    Does anyone have skype? maybe we could do it virtually?? I could use an exercise kick up the backside and an Oreo cookie intervention.

  4. I thought about giving your all tuna, all protein three day blast a go but now.. well, I've decided I don't like tuna all that much lol
    What a freaky experience for you. I'm glad you came out the other end ok, but that sounded NOT fun!
    PS Did you lose any weight through it though? I'm curious now