Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tuna and water quick boost?

Here's something I found online...
This guy is trying to lower his body fat and remain at about 200lbs. Now he looks pretty buff actually so he must be tall and work out and stuff, because I am not too far off 200 pounds and I look proper dodgy!! HA HA.
Anyway, he was talking about this very rapid weightloss diet called the Tuna and Water diet that you do for only 3 days and he lost 6 pounds.
Now I know that there are these websites out there that profess this and that... but this is just a blog or journal about this British chap trying to lose body fat... a bit like this blog really. So he had photos of the scales before, and after etc and it was about a month ago and this is what he did for 3 days:

9:00 am 1 tin of tuna & Multi vitamin
11.30 am 1 tin of tuna & 2 teaspoons of Benefibre (3.5g)
2:00 pm 1 tin of tuna
4:30 pm 1 tin of tuna & Multivitamin
7:00 pm 1 tin of tuna & 2 teaspoons of Benefibre (3.5g)
9:30 pm 1 tin of tuna

With this he drank 3/4 litres of water with every can of tuna.

Now, I actually feel like giving this a serious go just to see if it really does work, and considering I have my holiday in Crete in 4 weeks, it would be good to get some pounds off quickly. Now this guy has quite a lean physique, so I am thinking that maybe someone with much more fat in their body - and lets face it, I have the same analytical fat content as a Pork Scratching - might actually lose a lot more fat. I would much rather lose fat than weight that's for sure. At the end of the day it's the fat - not the actual weight - that makes us look horrible in a bikini... so I am going to have a go. Today is Wednesday, so I am going to start tomorrow. I honestly don't know i my band will let me eat tuna that early in the morning, but I will just swill it down with water and see what happens. I think it will be a seriously cool experiment, and only 3 days so its quick and I can see the end of it.

Also being as that its such a short time, my body wont go into survival mode, and also the fact that it is tuna means the extra protein will be fabulous for skin and hair etc.

So tomorrow, I am going to go for it as above and see what happens. I will weigh myself that morning and Sunday morning just to see a comparison, but I will rely on the Monday weigh in as usual for the true result. My scales are not that accurate to be fair. So i will continue on plan for today and then do this Tuna thing and see what happens. Will be lush to lose a few really quickly. Maybe even do this once a week until the holiday to really shift some lard. I guess it depends how horrible it is to do it to be honest.

I love tuna though... so that's cool.

Yesterday was actually a pretty bad day. Thankfully I stayed in the 2000 calorie range, but it was not with good calories. I had a chicken salad for lunch which was about 150 cals if that, and then I made this lovely Chicken Liver and pasta dish. Sounds horrible, but actually chicken livers are divine. I spent ages making sure that it was all slimmingworld fayre and then I couldn't eat it and actually had to HMS for the first time in a loooooong while.

The recipe for anyone that cares:
This serves 4 and is completely free on Extra Easy Slimmingworld plan
1 packet of chicken livers - washed and chopped
1 onion finely chopped
2 garlic cloves grated or crushed
1 pack of smoked back bacon (fat removed) and chopped
4 tbsp's olive oil to fry (use as healthy B choice on slimmingworld plan)
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp paprika
1 tbsp sage
1 tub quark (very low fat soft cheese)
200mls skimmed milk (from A choice allowance on plan)
salt and pepper
Cooked pasta spirals and salad

Fry the onion, garlic, bacon, chilli, paprika, sage in the oil and then drain out the oil back into the pan and set aside pulp. Use the spiced oil to gently fry the chicken livers for 4 or 5 minutes, then add the pulp back in and mix it up. Set aside. Mix the tomato puree, quark and milk together to make a thick creamy pink coloured sauce and pour into the liver mixture and stir up. Throw in boiled pasta and mix up. Serve with a salad. Serves 4 hungry people!

Voila! This is what I couldn't eat: I had prodded it and pushed it about for half an hour before I took the photo so its not looking it's absolute best... In fact it looks like shit doesnt it. It wasn't though

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