Thursday, 30 July 2009

Go tuna Go tuna GO!

Vroom Vroom fat burning machine

1 pint of water, 1 can of tuna about to be consumed. I thought I would let you all know this so that you can have no fear about your dearest Test Subject Bunny starting her mission.

Oh and my weigh in for this test: 16 stone 13.5lbs according to my scales (237.5lbs)

I did this 7 times. The first 2 times registered 16 stone 12 and a quarter, thereafter it registered 16st 13.5lbs So you see my scales are quite crap... but this diet is apparently good for FAT loss so we shall see. I sadly don't have those body fat measuring scales, but the loss of weigh should show up loss of fat too. I wont be losing muscle as its just pure protein.

Now ladies... I am off to Lady Jane's to get a couple of new Bra's and a Bikini top... Great stuff!

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  1. Now you have me thinking.. hmm three days is doable, but I betcha you're sick of tuna by the end of it lol. Look forward to hearing how it went!