Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A pound's a pound

Well, this week it was just 1lb off. Bit disappointed with that, but not too bothered. I have had a lot of stuff that was junky this week due to the massive cooking marathon that started Friday and ended Sunday 3pm. I had some of the truffle mixture and some of the finished article, and I had some of the Red Hot Tamales and Big Red gum that mum & dad brought back with them from Oregon for me, also some other bits and bobs that I shouldn't have had really, so really I should be thanking the scales!

The Piano recital went really well. I dont have many photos because I was too busy 'presenting' it all, and the ones DH took are crap.

Anyway folk, just thought I would check in and tell you all's good in the hood.

Felix getting better, Recital went great and we raised over £600 for CLIC Sargent to help children with cancer doing the sponsored Practice-a-thon, The lap-band is being good, no drama's right now thank goodness and no swine flu in the area... yet.

Travelling Buddy's DH plays Gymnopedie No.1. By Eric Satie.


  1. Congrats on losing! I'm glad Felix is feeling better now.. poor puss.

  2. Like you say a pound is a pound... I would have been happy with a pound this week, instead I gained 2...LOL.

    Well done on raising £600, we Brits are quite good at raising money for a good cause aren't we?


  3. Is that you in the background? What a beautiful dress!
    You bet a pound's a pound... My weightloss is a giddy one kilo a month!

  4. Hiya, yes it is I! I hired the dress, and it was luscious. I don't have any good photos of me in it though. I will have to raid my mates!
    Its a gorgeous venue too.