Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tuna Diet required adaption

It was supposed to go like this:
all day eating tuna (6 cans) and drinking water (4.5 litres)

Well, by 2pm it was crystal clear that it was NOT going to happen that way.

By 2pm I still had not managed 1 can let alone the 3 I should have had by then... So I had to change the rulz.

I also was waiting for a call from DS and didn't know when that was going to be, so could not go out after 4pm. I had also run out of tuna by this time as I dropped a can on the floor. Ooops.

So dilemma dilemma...

Should I quit? Should I nip to the shop and chance missing DS calling?

I decided that I could adapt the diet recipe. Basically protein is protein and it kind of doesn't matter where it comes from as long as its protein... The whole point of this diet is to eat low calories, high protein and zero carbs... I have very nearly stayed on plan then:

1 can of tuna
1 piece of hot smoked salmon
1 can of chicken

2 litres of diet coke
6 black coffee
2 litres water

I think that is pretty damn good.

Analysing it then, today I have consumed:
570 calories
95.6 grams of Protein
16.25 grams of fat
3 grams of carbohydrates

I reckon that's cool.

If I had done 6 tins of tuna like the plan said I would have done
881 calories, 162 protein, no carbs and 3.9 grams of fat.

So, although I don't quite know what to make of this analysis, I still think that things are pretty darn OK for today. I have also bought 4 cans of tuna for tomorrow, and I have another couple of hot smoked salmon fillets in the freezer and a can of chicken in the cupboard. I am pretty stoked that I remained on some kind of high protein low carb feat for the whole day and didn't bust it.

Temptation...? YES. Oh wow, making chicken Kiev and chips for DH and Sue this evening was HARDCORE. Watching DH sit on the sofa and drink a nice cold beer and have a nice apple and a yogurt was nearly too much to bear whilst I was nearly puking eating my canned chicken. There is something about canned chicken breast that is just wrong. Its kind of moist, but not in a good way and it tastes really high in salt too. After a half can (100g) I was having mild gagging sensations just because of the sheer taste and volume of plain meat. This is not a crash diet for the faint hearted. I really struggled this evening. To be honest the tuna and salmon was fine. I wish I had just kept eating that rather than open the chicken as that is what made me feel a bit ill. Tomorrow I will crack on and having done today ok, I know that tomorrow I can do it, I just have to force myself. Then its the last day and then back on slimmingworld. I actually think that it will make slimmingworld feel so amazingly rich and fulfilling that I will be happy just having syn free meals!

Anyway, day one is OVER and I am happy with myself, even though I had to adapt it. There is no way on this earth I would have been able to eat 6 cans of tuna. Its just too much for a bandit. I reckon tomorrow its going to be 3 tops...

Oh yeah... I wasn't hungry AT ALL. How cool is that.


  1. The fact you weren't hungry is very cool! I love it when we go through the day and go.. well, look at that. No tummy rumbles to speak of. Go me!
    And yeah, the chicken in a can just sounds plain wrong lol... yuck. Well done for getting it down.

  2. haha I had to laugh thinking that all you were going to eat was TUNA and water!! Thank goodness you spiced it up a little with chicken in a can.. *Blech*