Friday, 31 July 2009

Day 2 of Tuna special

Well, I survived yesterday and its already 4pm on day 2... Can I hold out? I reckon so. I have had a better, more amiable band today and have thus far consumed 2 cans of Tuna fish in spring water. I Do have to admit that I smothered it in vinegar and black pepper. I think this was the problem yesterday... not moist enough. So I am drinking gallons of water and it took me an hour a piece to eat the tuna. I don't think I shall eat any more until dinner time to be honest.

Last night we went to bed early at about 11pm, and I have to admit I felt a little sick. I don't feel bad today as such, but I don't feel all that good either. I am loathe to say that its because of this diet that I feel so crap though. I guess we shall see after tomorrow is finished.

I am proper proud of myself for getting half way. The last few mouthfuls of tuna at lunch time were hard work. I just didn't want to eat any more and when I think about it, I get that water in my mouth and feel a bit sick around the gills. Maybe this peakiness has more to do with the diet than I think...

I must admit I did hop on the scales this morning, but they are decidedly dodgy as I said before and they said 16 stone 12. I only did it the once mind. To get an average I usually have to jump on at least 10 times, so I am not going to think too much about it. I don't think I shall get a true reading of the loss on this until Sunday morning.

One good thing is that I am honestly not hungry. Not at all. I ate the tuna because I have to at certain times, and not because I was physically needing sustenance. I think that just goes to show that a high protein diet is pretty good for staving off hunger. But then again, I knew that because of the Atkins diet.

I am also bored out of my skull right now, so I am going to play some Sims 3 and make a really crummy house and miserable characters Mwahhhahhahhh


  1. Oh god Bunny! That picture of you made me laugh so, so much which is not a good thing considering I'm all sliced up and sporting stitches again! You looked absolutely thrilled to be eating canned protein!

  2. Ahh, so that's what you look like :) I have wondered. The look on your face is classic.. like 'Jeez.. I.. don't..think..I can... more.. glurk!!!!!!! (cue puking lol) Well done for sticking with it though.