Thursday, 9 July 2009

Feeling the pull of the Dark Side

I'm writing to reassure myself again. Today I feel like I have blown it. I feel like its not worth carrying on with dieting today and should just give in to temptation and scoff whatever I fancy.


Because I have eaten about 35 Hot Tamales - about 11 syns, and therefore have blown today's syn value.

BUT I also have not had ANYTHING else. I know this is crazy but I have just been sitting all day working at the computer nibbling Hot Tamales and thinking how crap I feel and I haven't actually been hungry until right now.

I have probably ingested no more than 300 cals for the whole day so far so I should really get upset right?

The calorie thing and the slimmingworld thing are what mess me up. Because I have a band, slimmingworld has to be a little bit adjusted anyways, and when I do have random days like this I HAVE to remember that if I am only eating Sweets, but the calories are low, then I haven't busted the diet at all. If I was just a regular un-banded person then would have a problem because I would be eating sweets on top of the other stuff and then that would definitely mean I had messed up.

At the end of the day, If i eat less calories than I expend, it doesn't matter where those calories come from, just how many there are.

If I eat 1000 cals today and its made up of Hot Tamales and full fat rootbeer, and tomorrow I eat 1000 calories made up of meat, salad, egg, pasta etc... its STILL ONLY 1000 cals right?


  1. I think it is what you do most of the time that matters-going off the deep because you ate a few pieces of candy is what i and probably we used to do. The band is helping us rearrange our stomachs and our mind-set. From what you have written you know that ...Keep up the good work!!

    Tomorrow is another day and you can make healthy choices then.

  2. Hi, not sure where I found your blog, I'm also banded, wanted to say chin up, keep with it, hope you feel better soon.

    I know about the pull of the dark side, it isn't always easy being banded and struggling with weight issues.

    Update soon :-)

    H x