Thursday, 2 July 2009

Felix is home

We collected Felix from the vet today and he is chillin' in a nice big cage in my office. The other cats have come and had a sniff and amazingly he knew they were there. His Mum Mary sauntered right up to the cage and he got up and mewed! How do they know that their are others about, and who they are when she was silent and he is blind? Wow, their senses are strong. Anyway, he is settled and here is a picture of the poor little baby.

I am off to tesco's now to get a few bits for the canapes I am serving at the recital.
here's the menu:
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese Blini's
Garlic and Herb Olive's and Cream Cheese Blini's
Vol-au-vents with Egg Mayonaise
Vol-au-vents with Cheese and Onion
Vol-au-vents with Prawns in cocktail sauce
Falafel balls
Toasted Pitta pieces with Cream Cheese and Spicy Tomato Salsa
Red and White wine and also a lot of fruit flavoured water.
I was thinking of serving strawberrys dipped in chocolate for a sweet, but its a hassle. I cant think of any other kind of sweet canape to make. Any ideas?

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  1. Poor little cat. He does not look happy but hey, he's alive so that's something. Sorry can't help on the canapes side of things. I'm a bit clueless when it comes to that. Maybe google can help?