Friday, 3 July 2009

Desert Canape's

Worked out what I am going to do for the desert canapes... I am going to make a kind of weird chocolate truffle. actually its probably more like a soft crunchy chocolate ball covered in chocolate vermicelli rather than a truffle, but it will do the job. I am not going to bother making different types, but the one will be fine I think. I will make one with digestive biscuits, butter and plain chocolate and the other with dessicated coconut and white chocolate and butter. I have to try this out first (what a shame) and see it it holds together and stuff, but I think they will be ok. I bought 100 petit four cases and I will pop them in those on platters. Should be nice.

I also bought some cocktail sausages and bacon to wrap them in, which I thought might be good too and also some chicken tikka pieces.

So I have catered for meat eaters, vegetarians and coeliacs but could have a problem if there is a vegan in the house! LOL.

I am going to cook the falafel today too and freeze them. I think that's the best thing for those. I can't make it all up on Sunday otherwise I will stink of cooking and be shattered too. All I really want to do on Sunday is fill the vol-au-vents and put the stuff on the blini's and the pitta and that be it. So I think even the sausages are going to have to be done on Saturday evening, along with baking the vol-au-vent cases. Ho hum.

All this talk of food is making me hungry! Mind you, one look at Felix in he corner of my eye turns me off again. I think he is really going to struggle without his eyes. I mean today we got all the paraphernalia ready for his morning nursing care:
  • warm salt water and gauze for the eye
  • Iodine and cotton buds for the leg pins & stomach tube wound
  • 10mls water with 1 antibiotic for initial flush of tubing
  • 50mls of liquid cat feed
  • 20mls of water with 4kg dose metacam pain relief for second flush
  • 2 puppy training pads for below the vet bedding for when he wee's
  • Clean vet bed liner

None of this worries me too much, and once you have it all laid out and prepared it goes ok. I mean it only took about half an hour this morning to do all this stuff. But what worries me is the toilet situation. The cage is too small for a little tray proper, so the vet said get a little baking tray and put some stuff in it so he can feel it. The trouble is he can't SEE it, let alone feel it, so he just goes to the toilet where he is laying. This morning after feeding and bathing his wounds and doing all his bits and bobs he has to have a little walk for 5 minutes and he just squatted and went for a poo. He didn't find a corner, or scratch. He just squatted and did it on the floor. I have ceramic floors throughout my home so its not a problem at all, but there was no normal cat behavior like scratching to clear a space, or scratching afterwards to cover. Maybe this will improve when he feels better and knows that he is back to normal. I am just worried that its because he is blind and stuff.

But, hey. Its not my problem in reality. He is Sue's cat, but I am the one who is here all day. If he is in the cage its no biggy, I just clean him up but when he is out of there and back in the land of 6 other cats and 2 dogs... hmmmm interesting. What happens if he just craps where he likes. I am going to have to clear all that up man. I don't mind too much, but its a bit of an ask. I suppose we will just have to suck it and see.

Yesterday I was really positive and stuff, but today I am back in the 'was this the right choice' camp. There is a LOT of work and nursing to be done - so much so that after it all I guess I will be a qualified Veterinary Nurse! HA! I just wonder that after doing so much for him, spending thousands of pounds on him and stuff, that he won't be able to cope being blind. I dunno. I guess I have to read up about it. I think I am more worried about how the other animals will be with him, because Sue will get angry with me and my animals because they are harassing Felix, when in fact its her problem and my house.

Apart from all that malarkey, eating is going well. Yesterday was a good day again and I was well within my calorie count for the day. I had 3 squares of chocolate, 1 harvest crunch bar for a snack and dinner was watercress, rocket and romaine lettuce salad with spicy grilled chicken breast pieces and sugar snap peas in a lemon and thyme dressing. I also had a big bowl or strawberries with a vanilla mullerlite yoghurt on top - as opposed the double cream that DS and Sue had on theirs! DH hates strawberries so he just had a yoghurt. He is doing well on Slimfast and has lost just over 14 pounds now since we returned from the Czech Republic on June 1st.

I am itching to weigh myself, but I am not going to. Even if I do and I have lost weight, on Sunday we have the recital with all that other food, so I might be tempted to eat a little bit and I would be annoyed that I lost and then put on in the same week, so I am going to just wait it out and see what Monday brings. Its only 3 days after all.

Looks like the weather has changed here. Its got fresher thank goodness, but also got darker outside as I have been writing this and I think we might get a load of rain. With that, I am off to check the rain situation and get the washing in.

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  1. I wish I could be like you and not weigh. Every day I get on the scale, no matter what I promise myself. It's not good, because if I don't lose I feel very down. I'll try to follow your example tomorrow.