Thursday, 16 July 2009

Off Camping

Had a good week really... Finished work last Tuesday - YES! No more work until 12th September. Hip Hip HOORAY. I am so glad I got through it though. Its always the same with the end of term... people farting around cancelling all over the shop and it just makes me want to say 'stuff it - see ya next year'. But I did it. I did all the lessons on the schedule that didn't cancel me, and I re-arranged the ones that did if it was possible and got my hands on as much cash as I humanly could. 6 weeks without work means the next few weeks are pretty lean unless we are really careful with our budget.


So, being completely DeMob happy, I have just chilled and relaxed and done nothing much. Apparently the word Chillax is the most annoying word in the world. Actually I think its pretty cool.

Weight wise, well I stayed the same this week. No change at all. I think I am pretty darn luck to be honest, because I really was a bit naughty. That said, I didn't probably eat too much over the top. One day I just had a family bag of malteasers. That's 900 cals... but that was all I had. I am sure that its calorie intake at the end of the day as opposed to what you eat. Obviously its not going to be a great source of nutrition to just eat chocolates, but one day ain't gonna hurt.

So this evening we are off camping for the weekend. We have a big convention to go to in Norwich which requires smart attire during the day, but then when we chillax (HA HA) at night, that will require more of a casual approach. We also have to have a 1km walk to the venue and back each morning and afternoon, so hopefully all the meals I have planned (on slimmingworld) will be good, and if I do succumb to a little naughtiness, then I will walk it off!!

So see you when I get back folks

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  1. Keep at it bunny-I got thwacked by no fill today but the whole thing made me so stressed out and irritated and my band closed up. I barged breakfast, lunch and dinner today....Anger appears to be a good restriction device.