Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ultra great

I am being excessively good.
Monday 100% on plan
Tuesday 100% on plan
Wednesday (so far) 100% on plan.

I am going to have a night off the diet tonight as I am going to the cinema again and I will have minstrels and I will have a couple of glasses of wine when we get back, but then I am on track tomorrow again.

I have been virtuous and have decided to Syn rather than syn willy-nilly and not think about it. I have told myself I can have minstrels and wine and then I feel more in control. I haven't bothered to weigh myself this week as I do really like seeing what the reading has to say on Monday mornings, so that's what I am going to do. Also it seems a pointless exercise as my scales are inevitable wrong and I either get chuffed and they weigh me too light, or depressed when they weigh me too heavy. I might a well just do it on the slimmingworld scales once a week and then get chuffed and elated (or miserable and kick myself) for real!

Yesterday I had a jacket potato with beans for lunch and then I made Compton's Garden for dinner. Its a yummy recipe and everyone should try it. I have been unable to find the recipe online ever, so here it is. I got it from a TV show about 10 years ago.

New potatoes
French green beans
crispy grilled bacon
caraway seed
green pesto or home made french vinaigrette (whichever takes your fancy most on the day)

Cook it all as you would, then mix it all together with the pesto or vinaigrette. Serve and eat with ultra low fat mayo. YUUUUMMMM

There are variants that I have done before where you add sugar snaps and also broad beans. This is even tastier. The Vinaigrette just gives it a little more flavour, and the pesto is one I tried yesterday as I didn't have lemon juice for a vinaigrette... it was lush.

Today we are having a fritatta:
Mince beef, yellow pepper, leeks with cayenne pepper and 4 eggs in a quiche tin and layered with sliced potato. Looks yummy, and we will have that with a tomato and onion salad.

So I have had a completely synless day today. what I do love about my band is the fact that I do not feel hungry between meals at all.

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  1. Excellent! You're doing a top job. What are minstrels lol Chocolate or something? I don't know these :)