Sunday, 30 August 2009

I am here

Just to let you all know, that I am here, I am just on holiday in Crete... or should that be ON Crete... I dont know. Who knows this stuff?
Anyway, I am eating lot of salads and stuff and trying very hard not to be naughty... like avoiding puddings (deserts) and trying in that way. But if you think I have been avoiding wine, the you can't really truly know ME! HA!

Seeing as its all inclusive though...

I am guessing I will be coming back with excess baggage.
Hold your breath.


  1. Sounds like a lovely place. Have fun!!

  2. Drink the wine and walk around Crete! It should all balance out in the end :) I hope you have fun!! I envy you your frequent trips to fun places.


  3. Kalimera! Are you swimming your ass off to make up for it?? !

  4. Post Photos!! I wanna see Crete!