Monday, 17 August 2009

Didn't last... but still lost weight

Random or what... 1lb lost. Very very peculiar.

I have been B A D with a capital B. I am just thinking "Crete on 26th" and have already got myself into the holiday spirit! I know I will put weight on whilst there, so its like why bother dieting this week. I know it will be like 'lose weight now, and then when you put weight on and come back it will be better'

But it's not better is it. Its like Yo-Yo dieting with benefits...

You still work your butt off losing 4 pound and then put 8 on whilst away... That's not better, that's still 8 to lose. I might as well just forget about weight loss until after the holiday. We have the big 12 anniversary party on the 23rd too, and that's a big Bollywood feast... I will crack on with losing on the 9th September when I get back.

That's what I said to myself last Monday, and what happens... I lost a pound this week. I am not going to bore you with all the SERIOUS amounts of chocolate, crisps, wine, takeaways etc but I have so NOT been doing any kind of diet at all... I lose 1 pound... AND i have the painters in. I mean what on EARTH is going on with that!??!

Cant figure it, but am just going to accept it as a gift and run with it.


  1. Yeah! Take it and run...that's what I would do too. lol Nice losing the pound though.

  2. I tend to get the pay off for a good week two weeks then I usually have been bad again but then two weeks later when I am good again I gain...never getting feedback for the gain or loss I deserve until I have yoyo'd back and forth.

    Crete sounds like a blast-I hope you have fun!!