Monday, 14 December 2009

Tracking with Weightloss Achievement Charts

Its kind of cool to have lots of different ways to measure success.

I lost 2lbs this week, which is AWESOME so I was just thinking about all the little things we can set ourselves.

Slimmingworld - Got my 1 stone loss award since returning back to class in June as I was 17 stone 8 pounds when I went back to slimmingworld.

I have lost 32.5 lbs since starting my weightloss expedition which means 2.5lbs until my next goal of 35lbs lost.

I have lost 1 stone 6lbs since having my lap band fitted (20lbs)

I am only 71 lbs from my goal weight

I have nearly crashed through the 230lbs barrier weighing in at 232lbs

Hmmm, so how to lay this out.

ORANGE GOALS - Slimming world GOALS (264.5lbs at start)

1/2 stone - ACHIEVED 29th September 2009
1 stone - ACHIEVED 14th December 2009
1 & 1/2 stone - (7lbs to go!)
2 stone -
2 & 1/2 stone -
3 stone -
3 & 1/2 stone -
4 stone -
4 & 1/2 stone -
5 stone -

RED GOALS - Weightloss Expedition Goals (264.5lbs on starting)

lose 5lbs - ACHIEVED 28th June 2005
lose 10lbs - ACHIEVED 5th July 2005
lose 15lbs - ACHIEVED 12th November 2007
lose 20lbs - ACHIEVED 1st July 2008
lose 25lbs - ACHIEVED 28th September 2009
lose 30lbs - ACHIEVED 7th December 2009
lose 35lbs - (2 & 1/2 lbs to go!)
lose 40lbs
lose 45lbs
lose 50lbs
lose 55lbs
lose 60lbs
lose 65lbs
lose 70lbs
lose 75lbs
lose 80lbs
lose 85lbs
lose 90lbs
lose 95lbs
lose 100lbs

GREEN GOALS - Lap Band Goals (18 stone (252lbs) when lap banded)

5lbs lost - ACHIEVED 8th June 2009
10lbs lost - ACHIEVED 22nd June 2009
15lbs lost - ACHIEVED 21st September 2009
20lbs lost - ACHIEVED 14th DECEMBER
25lbs lost - (5 lbs to go!)
30lbs lost -
35lbs lost -
40lbs lost -
45lbs lost -
50lbs lost -
55lbs lost -
60lbs lost -
65 lbs lost -
70 lbs lost -
75 lbs lost -
80lbs lost -
85lbs lost -
90lbs lost -

YELLOW GOALS - Lowering Body Weight (252lbs at outset)
Be under 250 - ACHIEVED 12th November 2007
Be under 245 - ACHIEVED 14th January 2008
Be under 240 - ACHIEVED 28th September 2009
Be under 235 - ACHIEVED 7th December 2009
Be under 230 - (2lbs to go)
Be under 225
Be under 220
Be under 215
Be under 210
Be under 205
Be under 200
Be under 195
Be under 190
Be under 185
Be under 180
Be under 175
Be under 170

BLUE GOALS - Distance from Goal Weight
be only 70lbs from goal weight (1lb to go!)
be only 65lbs from goal weight
be only 60lbs from goal weight
be only 55lbs from goal weight
be only 50lbs from goal weight
be only 45lbs from goal weight
be only 40lbs from goal weight
be only 35lbs from goal weight
be only 30lbs from goal weight
be only 25lbs from goal weight
be only 20lbs from goal weight
be only 15lbs from goal weight
be only 10lbs from goal weight
be only 5lbs from goal weight

So from the above I have only:
1 POUND to get another
BLUE Goal Weight Goal
2 POUNDS to get another
YELLOW Lowering Body Weight Goal
2 &1/2 POUNDS to get another
RED Weightloss Expedition Goal
5 POUNDS to get another
GREEN Lap Band Goal
7 POUNDS to get another
ORANGE Slimmingworld Goal

That's great! If I lose just 1 pound next week, I will have achieved one of my goals, and all the others will be closer too! I am going to label them with colours to give myself an even better idea. I will probably refer to them as

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  1. Man, that's a lot of goals Bunny! I'm glad you are really getting into a groove with your eating and cooking and seeing weight loss. I love reading all your cooking exploits.