Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The right stuff!

Well, its official... my body does just love to get the bloody great size 11 hob nails in there!

I got the dreaded curse of all women again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH

That happens every darn time I want to have a good weigh in. Rubbish... But, STILL GREAT RESULTS so YAH BOO SHUCKS to my body smiting machine!

2.5lbs was removed from this fat ass this week! Yeah baby!

Who would have thought that drinking every coffee with full fat milk, eating butter and home made cakes and biscuits and even chocolate (admittedly 70% muck) could shift weight off ya?

Its all down to the right stuff.

I feel FULL and satiated all day long. I think a combination of good wholesome grub and the band is liking it very much. Who knows... all I know is I am allowing myself to eat any thing I please but it CANNOT have any kind of MSG in it, in any kind of version that might come in at all.

I have even got into bottling. Now this might come as a huge surprise to some of you people from overseas, but in the UK we CANNOT purchase a pressure canner. Its NOT physically possible. You can purchase a pressure cooker, but the biggest you can get is 11litres - pointless when you want to do quite a few of these cans and also doesn't have a pressure gauge so you don't know when they get to temperature. Guesswork is not good when you don't fancy a dose of botulism for pudding.

Also, there are no books of canning/bottling other than for doing it with fruits and chutneys and jams. If you want to bottle veg, there are NO BOOKS on this subject and in the ones it tentatively says you can bottle in (which most don't) it says you cant do it because "lethal results may occur as the bottles must be heated above 100 degrees C."

Yeah, that's right they do... but HOW? The British don't seem to know. Well thanks heavens for the internet. I have managed to purchase the complete guide to canning from the USA food place thingy and also get some Ball Jar equivalents called Home Discovery Deluxe jars... same lid and band jar style which is great.

I have my eye on a 23 litre canner though, don't you worry... wink wink. all is not lost. Meanwhile I have my pressure cooker.

This means I can now process my baked beans in tomato sauce and have them ready in the cupboard along with curry sauces, pasta sauces, meats and greens and all kind of lovely stuff. I can make all the jam and preserves I need in a tub of water, but this is a real boon to be able to actually can (bottle) my own cooking and have it ready when its needed rather than having to dive into the freezer and not know what the hell is in the bag as the label long fell off (and also stuff lasts for up to a year which is even better than freezing!)

I am a right devil of a housewife right now.

So the organic additive free diet is a real goer at the moment. I had the most almighty horrors for a couple of days though. I was a complete bitch ogre from the swamp jungle and it was scary even from my own eyes. I can only put the terribleness down to the 'cold turkey' process of non processed things. Obviously cutting MSG and MSG containing ingredients has meant I must have also cut a lot of other shit out too, and our processed foods are really very very limited. It was all I could do to not tear the hand of a kid walkign by with a bag of crisps!! Thats so bad. I was craving big style and it was horrible. I was seeing salad creme in my sleep and dreaming about curry and it was so bad. I even had a dream about egg mayonaise sandwiches!!! So perculiar.

Anyway, seem to be over that lark now, and have not had any particular cravings for a few days and have been very happily content to even stop when my band doesn't want to eat. That normally frustrates me no end and I end up eating massive portions.

For example today I have had several coffees with full cream milk, a bowl of yogurt and a teaspoon of wild forest honey. I have a portion of my baked beans for lunch and then this evening I got a can of my home made (and home canned) dhal. I ate about 1/3 jar and that has been it. I am satisfied.

When people go for a Chinese (which is loaded in that shite) and then an hour later are starving, this must be what its down to for me. Cutting out all that stuff has made a huge difference on my food intake, so I am not going to knock it.


  1. lol glad you now have a pressure cooker - good to blow off steam.. geddit! sigh.. ok but you really are doing well! Congrats, Bunny!

  2. sweet-Im glad this is all having some effect. You are so right that you are probably cutting out all kinds of evil stuff with this MSG ban. Either way you are coming out ahead so you go girl!!

    I cannot believe that Brits do not Can stuff!!! My husband remembers them as a child but as all of the old hardware stores are going out of business in villages for the evil Tesco, B & Q and other big box stores I guess the specialized needs of home-canners is going as well.

    Look at the county extension webpages here. We have Master canner programmes that you can take and get free classes in how to put all kinds of food away in jars.

    I have done a bit of a Suzi-Home maker gig here as well. We have stopped eating out!!! I must be ill..but it has just gotten to much of a pain to eat out and cooking at home is so much cheaper.

    I am sooo happy stuff is moving finally.