Saturday, 19 December 2009

6 Grand - already trashed

Dont you just love them? No, we haent been raided or burgled. This IS the sty that my son wallows in. He has no shame. He doesnt even care if his mates see what a sloven he is. I have asked his mate (pictured above) "Do you keep your bedroom tidy?" and the answer was "Yes!" and Ds confirmed it. What is it with my son? I tidy this up and its beautiful, and the NEXT DAY its back to this again. I give up


  1. Trust me, this is not something unusual! Our son is just as bad & always has been!! He is now 23 yrs old & still keeps his room a mess!!

    Right now, he is sleeping in a room we had built in our garage & he has arraigned the furniture so that he literally has to walk through the room like he was in a maze!

    And he likes to keep the room dark. He rarely turns on the light unless he is reading. Otherwise, he only has the lighting from his computer screen!!

    We have tried to change him, but I think it is a losing battle. Maybe someday if he gets involved with a girl, he will want to tidy up for her??? We can always hope!! LOL

    Have a great Holiday in France.

    Happy Holidays

  2. LOL...sometime you just gotta let them get on with it.