Thursday, 17 December 2009

Exploits of Cooker Girl

When DS was a little chicken of about 2 and a half, I remember him telling me during dinner "Mummy, you really are a good cooker girl". I will never forget that! So cute, I could eat the whole sentence right up!! Obviously he now knows the word chef and stuff, but what a cool title!

So here are some more of cooker girl's antics in the kitchen this merry morn. I love Branston pickle. Its fab with cheese, crackers, with sausages, mashed potato, in a sandwich, on cheese on toast (MMMMmmmm), with all salads and just basically YUM. However, the commercial brand is full of muck - that's a given. So longing for a bit of pickle in my little MSG free life, I found a recipe for it online. This is what it looks like at the start. You boil this mess for 2 hours and end up with the pure luxurious dark chutney shortly after that.

Here it is is for your enjoyment. I didn't need to pressure can this as its very high in acid with the amount of vinegar and lemon juice etc, but I did anyway! I have a canner so why not use it! LOL. Also makes sure it is really sterilized too, as I don't know how quickly I will eat my way through 8 POUNDS of this stuff!! LOL
All I can say is that the taste is absolutely amazing. Its just like Branston pickle, but kind of nicer! Apparently it will be even better in a couple of weeks. Its something that gets better with age.
Onto more cooker girl cooking. Above is something I find vaguely tactile. I kind of want to stroke its soft swellingness... rising bread in my amazing pullman tin. Its the only way to get a square loaf. It was about £5 from china, and I wish I bought 2 now as I have to keep waiting for one loaf to finish before doing another. Anyway, 3 loaves made today.
2 of the loaves cooling after baking next to my newest toy in the playhouse of Bunny aka Nigella! This is a bread slicer from the Czech Republic. Monika had one, as do most people, and I wanted one - especially as now all our bread is home grown! DH with a knife makes doorsteps with a difference... the difference being they are wafer thin one end and 3 inch thick the other side. I don't quite know how he manages do cut bread quite so badly, so this is saving me a fortune in the long run. You can buy scrappy plastic ones that don't stick down and haven't got that weight behind them, but I knew of the real deal. It fixes to the worktop and is cast friggin iron too, so its rather heavy.
Fabulous. It was from eBay for £50 which is pricey, but seeing as we are not going to the CZ rep any time soon, and they are £42 over there anyway, I thought why not!

Had my hypnotherapy yesterday. This is my 3rd proper session... we are kind of tracing back to where my need for comfort eating comes from. Its very peculiar all this stuff that comes out I must say. Yesterday I did have a memory of the situation and it was familiar to me, but the depth of it was quite horrible and I had been crying during the session, but thankfully I feel at peace afterward, and when I tried to recall the feelings I had surrounding that pain, I couldn't get hold of them... I wanted to go to it, but my mind would not go directly to those painful feelings or thoughts, which is what my therapist helped me change during the session. we replaced the feelings (after destroying them) with happy and positive thoughts and feelings and forgiveness, which sounds terribly cliched, but it wasn't. It was good.

Last week, it was of a situation that i could not remember, and was too young to have a physical memory of. My mother actually did remember the things I was talking about, which was kind of cool. Apparently, as I regressed through my past to this feeling - to do with comfort eating - I was eating black paint and being told off, and all kinds of other stuff at playschool. Really random, but it made sense. I haven't felt the need to comfort eat recently... but its early days.

With hypnosis, I think its sometime later that you realize that you haven't done 'this' or 'that' or felt 'this way' or reacted in a typical fashion and that's when you realize that things are fundamentally changing.

What is interesting is that I have a dominant Nomad personality. Now this is odd, because I really relate to the qualities - positive and negative - of a nomad type. My secondary personality is settler.. so they conflict to a certain extent.

The true type is called Charismatic Evidential Personality. I guess it tells you stuff you already knew, but can then digest and see if you can use the information to your advantage.

My major positive characteristics (of which not all will be true to me, but give an idea)according to the test are;
Enthusiastic, lively, Exuberant, Innovative, Confident, Outgoing, Uninhibited, Sometimes Outrageous, Uncomplicated, Charismatic, good image, Sometimes witty/funny, Handle change/surprises well, good mimic, Smart and/or elegant
Major negatives (again which wont all be me specific) are:
Loud, Impulsive, childish, Fickle, Tend to exaggerate, give up easily, self indulgent, thoughtless, Unreliable, Lazy, scruffy.

Overall my personality summary is:
Chances are you are a fun loving individual who can usually find a way to enjoy yourself. It is important to you, though, that there is always something 'going on' in your life because boredom can set in far too easily otherwise and you will then become restless and may even start to create some sort of upheaval just for the hell of it! You are lively and can easily carry others along on a tide of your own enthusiasm, thanks to your inspirational nature and your ability to thrust the inhibitions of others aside. You may well have an expert eye for presentation and a love of novelty. there is a need to be in some way different from the crowd, even if it means having an unusual illness! You are probably extremely smart or extremely sloppy, maybe both at different times - and revel in it either way. Under pressure, you are excellent at 'blagging' your way through. WYSIWYG -"What you see is what you get" sums you up quite well.

Presentation, promotional situations, direct sales, entertainment, new or novel products or schemes... anything where image, persona and/or enthusiasm are important. Many actors and 'super-salespersons' fall within this group.

Pondering, or taking too much notice of others telling you to be cautious.

I thought this was a pretty accurate description of me. HA HA!! I honestly did. I can see me in all of this lot. But I am not scruffy, thoughtless or lazy. Those things are not me. Out of the house I am extremely smart... but randomly I hate washing my hair and hardly ever shower as I HATE it. I tell people too (revel in my weirdness)!! Everything else is me though.

I have a weird illness - lupus, I like to be different too! I have a lap band, home school, got married very young, have a random career and I don't dress like my peers in ANY way! I also have other 'oddities' that do put me in the front line for "WTF?"

I love having stuff going on in my life. I do seem to lurch from one drama to another, but not that I invent, I must admit. I would actually like a bit of an easy ride actually, so this is a little at odds with that. But I am also the queen of blag!! Musicians usually are. Obviously my musical career also falls into the exuberant jobs where enthusiasm is needed too.

So, what kind of personality are you? Do the test here:
Make sure you tell me!!!!!!


  1. ooOOoo - just foudn you through Gastric girl....could you please send me the Branston Pickle recipie. to - Cheers


  2. Cool, I like learning all of that personality stuff. It's fun. I always feel a but silly, but how can you when so much of it is accurate, you know?

    I'm an ENFJ according to the meyers briggs system.