Saturday, 19 December 2009


Great stuff! No work now until next year!! I love saying that. I start back 4th January, so 2 weeks off - YAY!

I have become addicted to farmville on facebook. Its a nightmare. I am dreaming about plants and crops and when I went to the loo at about 3:30 this morning I thought about having a quick check up on my farm!

Well, we go to France next Friday for 4 nights. Can't wait. We will be leaving here at the unearthly time of 2 in the morning on Friday to catch the Euro-tunnel to Le Francais. We should be there by 6am their time, and at the little gite by 11am. Its in Normandy so we are going to go to the Bayeux Tapestry exhibition, and also the Mont St. Michel and some other amazing castle and stuff.

We will just chill out and go for walks for the first couple of days as nothing will be open particularly. We find that some of the Turkish restaurants are open though as they don't do xmas either, but whether there is much of a 'kebab' community in Normandy, I haven't a clue. You can usually find something open though, but France is probably the hardest country to find food in over that period. Will make sure we take stuff with us!

I dont want to eat out too much really either because of the MSG, but I am not sure what its like in other countries. I certainly put on weight when I go to France or anywhere else, but that's probably because of the vast gallons of wine I drink whilst there *hick* and haven't been having much of that lately.

My skin has really cleared up I have noticed. I am not putting it down to anything as sometimes it does just look better for about a week before sprouting white pussy pimples again and red whelts. I love nothing better than a good squeeze!!

Havent had to HMS for quite some time now, and the band seems to be working ok.
Last night I made cannelloni's for the family. they were yum..

There wasn't a lot left at the end of it either! One more vanished and then I froze three.

I absolutely love this dish but it is a bit of a pain to make. You make thin pancakes (crepes) with batter made from a couple of eggs, plain flour, milk, salt and pepper. You only need them little so about 7inch round is fine. For a man with a reasonably healthy appetite, but not wanting to stuff himslef, I would say 3 pancakes. DH had 3 plus salad and he was full. He did however still manage to eat a sponge pudding with cream and also my portion too... so I guess he could have gone 4 pancakes. Up to you. DS and the 2 girls had 2 each.

So you put the pancakes cooked to one side. I made 14 for all of us.
Then you fry some mince (ground beef) in a large pan until well cooked and browning. Add 1 onion very finely chopped and 3 cloves of minced garlic. Fry it off for a while and add a little salt. I then normally add a good whack of tomato puree, but I didn't have any, so I blended some sun dried tomato's with a little water. They were fine! You could use tinned tomato but it makes it all a bit wet, and you do need a dryish meat mix or a paste. Add some dried sage right now if you like it. Yummy

Then you get each pancake and spread it with soft cheese - like philadelphia, then add a dollop of meat mix and roll them babies up. You lay them down in the tray and pack each one nice and tight to the next one to hold them all together or they all go a bit flacid.

then make a white sauce with milk, butter and flour and some black pepper. grade some hard cheese into the mix to make it a bit cheesy and then pour all over those cannelloni's. Then sprinkle more cheese on top and bake.

Serve this with a green salad and big sliced beef tomatoes and slice of onion and its awesome.

As a bandster, I managed to eat my 1 cannelloni and 2tbsp salad. I thought I could go some more, and had another one. I managed about 1/3rd of it before I was definitely full and stopped.

I then made a syrup sponge pudding, and DS and Onion went to the shop for cream. I served it up, had a mouthful, and then could not eat any more. So DH polished that off! LOL

So there you go. I am eating regular foods, but just less of them and its all home made too. I get a kick out of that.


  1. You are an amazing cook!!!


    So funny you said that re: your skin. I am the same way. I will go through periods where I will look haggard and just gray and jowly and blah. And then bam, a nice glow, even skin tone and the week after that the premenstrual pimple. I can tell exactly where I am in my cycle just based on my skin.

  2. sounds yummy. As does France!! Even our trip this summer is in jeopardy right now but I'm hoping the house gets sold or we get a windfall.

  3. Wow, Farmville on Facebook! I keep getting request's to do Farmville, but I just haven't taken the time to really get into Facebook much. I spend most of my time with the blog & reading others, as you can tell, I follow quite a few!! LOL

    I envy you going to France. My DH & I took 2 of our kids to England & France one year. In France, we only got as far as Paris & the surrounding areas easily traveled to by their Metro system, & a day trip to the Loire Valley to see some Chateaus while we were there. Which were fantastic by the way!

    We absolutely loved it there. We wanted to spend more than a week in each Country!! We took the train that goes under the water to France, I think it is called the Chunnel Tunnel? It was definitely different!!

    We really want to see Normandy & Mont St Michel as well. Plus I really want to go back to England!!

    I know what you mean about going on Holiday during the Christmas Holidays. We took our kids to Ireland over Christmas & New Years 1999. Ireland is a very Catholic Country & there was very little open for us to see except the beautiful countryside!! We didn't even get to see the Waterford Crystal Factory we were supposed to go through or to kiss the Blarney Stone!

    Your Cannelloni's look delicious. I too have been eating fairly normal, just smaller portions. I am hoping for some restriction after my first fill on Dec 28th. I need to control my portions even better, so I can get on to losing!!

    Have a great Holiday in France!!

    Happy Holidays