Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Another Goal + HAM SHAM!

I just thought of another set of goals...

How about Previous lowest weights, and other interesting facts Goals!! LOL I know this is really dumb but anything to get me through the next couple of years has got to be worth it! HA HA

I was 17 stone 11 when I had my appointment with the midwife for DS in 1998
I got to 16 stone 6 with my band before it broke in May 2007
I got to 15 stone 6 before the dastardly unfill in September 2008
I was 15 stone 2 when I joined slimmingworld the first time in 1996
I was 13 stone 4 when I met DH in April 1996
I was 11 stone 4 when I left school aged 16 in 1993

So those are some nice milestones to remember too.

Had a good day band wise and headspace wise yesterday. I think these goal thingys are quite fun, it means that I am kind of achieving something each week, and as a person who just cant do long term missions of weightloss, that's what I need.

Its kind of odd, losing weight. You need to focus on the bigger picture, but also the tiny picture too. Its so messed up. If I lose a pound a week, I need to think "that's 4 stone in a year" but I also need to think... "Yay! I got my 'X' goal this week"

But thinking about it, I did get thoroughly annoyed yesterday about 7pm. I was making dinner for the troops and then realized as I was idly frying the ham and onion mix for the carbonara that it had FREAKING MSG in it!!!!!!!!!! How many ingredients do you think its possible for HAM to have?? 2?? 3... 5??? Try 33!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the flesh of a pig right? Meat. Natural. comes from pigs. boiled. you eat it. Why the HELL do they shag it around with all kinds of crap?

So my innocent intentions of HOME COOKED MEAL of PASTA CARBONARA last night without knowing it contained all this dross:

Pork 75% (that means 25% NOT HAM in ham!!!)
dextrose *
mustard - (oil, seeds, flavours*)
wheat flour
yeast *
colour - (Paprika extract*)
vegetable oil
natural flavourings **** ( this IS actual MS freaking G)
modified maize starch ***(70% MSG)
spirit vinegar
natural carrot extract* (wtf is that??)
lemon peel
citric acid
thickener -(xanthan gum)
stabilisers -(tri, di and polyphosphates of fatty acids*)
Pork gelatine*
antioxidants* - (sodium ascorbate)
preservative -(sodium nitrite, potassium nitrite, potassium sorbate)
dried glucose syrup*
crushed black peppercorns
caramelised sugar syrup*
milk protein**** (sodium cassienate - 70% MSG)
black treacle

* means that this is a source of MSG often up to 70% of the ingredient

this is NOT ham is it. Its something else. Its like SHAM rather than HAM. No wonder that we are all messed up royally by the food we eat. I honestly didn't think there could be anything wrong with Ham.

So after cooking it all up with a luscious sauce of Gold Top milk, flour, mustard, garlic, and egg yolks I served them it all and had bread and frigging butter. Joy.

So yesterdays food was yoghurt, bread, and cereal. grrrrrrr8! But then I guess its better than nothing which was Sunday. Found it really difficult to eat anything on sunday for some reason.

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  1. can you get ham at the butchers? We have gone tot the 'healthy foods stores' here for meat but are not really happy with it. I had to throw out the expensive chicken last night as it was one day over on the label and smelled funny. From wrap to table I had 3 days. I don't think that is very long but I guess I have always thrown my meat in the freezer. We are finding that if the meat is in the fridge we cook if we have to thaw we do not.