Saturday, 5 December 2009

Another day in Bunny's warren

Been to work *bleugh*

Not been able to eat today for some unknown reason that is just totally random. I have no idea why this happens to me once a week or so. Its so odd. does anyone else seem to just not be able to pouch foods for a day with absolutely nothing changing in their routine?

Whatever, Albert (my band)is just being a bitch today obviously.

Last night I had some wine. The first for ages and this morning I felt S H 1 T. Really horrendous headache and honestly, dog rough. weirdly enough in just 2 weeks off MSG it also tasted really really awful. It was my usual tipple... Jacob's Creek Shiraz (obviously would love the budget to drink St. emillion Grand Cru daily, but havent), so have no idea why it tasted like salt and gave me the tongue tingles so massive. Maybe its the tannins... dunno. After the headache I am not going to repeat the experience, so wont find out if its a taste bud change or not for a while!

Have been a paragon of virtue, and being MSG free is now kind of ok. I really hope that I get my canner soon and my jars too so that i can start canning/bottling. I am really eager as I miss my baked beans and my canned foods for their convenience.

I am struggling to work out if I really want the canner, or if I really need it... Want and need are two very similar things, but I kind of jump into things and I am not sure whether it will be another purchase that I will use once and then never use again. I don't think it will, because this lifestyle has been really positive on the whole family.

What I think is really unusal is that Sue (who was being all officious and agreeing (!) with me about the msg and saying she was doing it too - which for her main meal she is, because I cook it) has started buying puddings. Its really odd. This week she has bought about 3 puddings... ready made custard in a tub, syrup sponge and other things.

Now, does she just fancy a bit of food with additives in, or is she trying to tempt me or what? I am not eating this stuff, but DH and DS are and I don't think that's very good. Maybe she will stop but I just think its really odd that since we went MSG free she has suddenly needed to supplement ours & her dinner. She buys enough for everyone, so its not a case of just getting a little something for her. She is a skinny mini anyway, so she doesn't need to lose weight.

Who knows. Charlotte is loving MSG free living and has said that the dinners are especially yummy. The gravies all look a bit weird - light brown or beige/see through but the taste is wonderful. I would say its even better than with OXO. We certainly eat with our eyes.

I am seriously enjoying all the cooking too. I am deriving exceeding pleasure from baking and cooking lots of delicious things for my family and having them "mmmm" and "ahhhhmmm" whilst eating it. Its very gratifying.

Put it this way, I made 18 fairy cakes, a tray of flapjack, 2 ginger cakes & a loaf on Wednesday. they were all gone by Thursday night. I am not being funny but shop bought cakes and biscuits last longer than that. I know its also not good for us to give up one form of crap for another, but these don't seem to be doing much damage to our waist lines. DH has lost 3 pounds this week and DS lost a pound which he doesn't need to. Charlie and Sue are both scrawny anyway, so they don't count - they don't eat my cakes either because they are not included in the rent HEE HEE HEE.

I am enjoying things right now, so even though I couldn't eat tonight's sausage, mash, peas and onion gravy, its all good in the hutch.

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  1. Not sure if there's MSG in wine but if you've been a paragon of virtue not having it.. maybe that's why the wine tasted like crap and gave you a headache lol. Just another thing to research now!