Monday, 16 February 2009

Some random Inspirational photos

Some Horrors from my past... in order of fatness...

DS was only 7 or 8 months here. I was porky, but not my biggest...
A Holiday in the St. Tropez, South of France. Don't look that humongous, but trust me, the tables covering a lot!
In the American Airlines flight to San Diego. The most uncomfortable trip of my life. The seat divider was practically rammed up my bum the whole trip. Thank goodness the plane wasn't full so DH sat in the mid section so I could have his seat too. (a cute picture of the little bloke though I think, he was 4 here, and turned 5 in California)

Jan, 2004. The recording studio in San Diego. Glad voices don't sound fat eh!! I was recording an 'English' voice for an audio book company and DH took a quick shot mid sentence. Thanks!!!
Our last day in America... A massive slap up meal in Fudruckers (yes, its really called that!) sees us into the car that drives us to the airport. I am wearing some of my new gear from Lane Bryant - a fab outsize clothing store in the states. I spent £1000 there!! HA!!!!!

Oh good grief. I want to die. The above is me doing a medieval cooking demonstration at a 'Gravett Gathering'. Genealogy is a passion of mine and I used to do a lot to bring family history alive. I think in my hands is a 'Tart de Brie' which would have been consumed in the 1450 -1500's England. Look at my arm... its positively bloating. Euuuugh.
Another awful pose of me in full flight delivering a History talk during a Genealogy tour. I actually remember thinking I looked great. GULP! I only ever kept photos that I thought I looked halfway decent in, so you can imagine the photos I threw away!! I am actually 4 times the size of my Grandmother who is right next to me. Jeeeeez.

this is a photo taken to show how bad my impetigo was. I caught impetigo from somewhere and it was terrible and painful and I could barely speak. I got DH to take a photo to remember it. I am now using this photo as my all time FATTEST photo. I was over 19 stone here (266 lbs +).


  1. What's interstesting in these photos is that it's not the size of you that hits the viewer, it's a sense of you. There's a strong person evident in all the images - focused and loving and pretty too. I know we all hate our fat photos and it's good to look back and celebrate our weight loss and regained health benefits but don't overlook the fab person in those shots - partner, mum, expert in genealogy and brining so much pleasure and knowledge to people's lives. take care and thanks for sharing the shots.

  2. Thank you for sharing your pics! I love to look at people's pics its so inspiring and revealing and so much more personal to have a face to the messages and blogs. As a less than anatomically gorgeous person I have very few pics of my whole body or part thereof and it is so great to have a record of yourself over the years and weights and you know, one day no matter how big or small we are we will look back at our pics and think how gorgeous and youthful we were!

  3. Love love love the fat photos... they are inspirational and keep us focused and motivated. I hope you have them all stuck on your fridge!! hehe