Wednesday, 11 February 2009

How goes the work? Quack!


We shall be putting the ceiling up in about 1 hours time... YAY!! Note the electric light... Yes, that is the handiwork of my darling amazing husband. It also runs the outdoor flood light... What a wonderful guy I am married too. Also its saved me £200 which makes him even more attractive!!! HA HA. It took just an hour once we got all the parts. Its amazing what you can do when you don't have any cash! I am preparing him the gorgeous lasagna left overs from last night and some chips for luncheon.

I shall be eating nothing. I cant stomach food until about 4 or 5pm. That's just how I like it. I have a few coffee's and a couple of slim fasts and that keeps me going. In all honesty I am probably 0.1 or 0.2 mls too tight in my band, but there is NO WAY I am paying to have it removed when I will lose weight and it will slacken off on its own.

It does always seem to me that once I have had a fill it takes a good 6 or 7 days until I really feel it. Isn't that strange. Its like my guts give resistance and then after about a week it gives in and rolls over. I love the way my band is at the moment. I am really feeling positive and much much better about it. I know that when I have lost another few pounds it will give me that boost I have needed. I know I have lost another couple this week, so that's great.

I didn't go and get weighed on Monday though as I wasn't feeling the best. DH's snoring had been keeping me awake at night so I am tending to lay in in the morning... Oh heck - I never need an excuse to lie in, but in this instance I really needed the kip! So DH tried a new idea. He put two bits of wood we are using for the build under the headboard end of the bed, raising it about an inch higher. This really helped and last night I had a decent sleep. I mean, he cant enjoy it either when every 2 mins I am kneeing him in the back, or slapping him around the head, or poking him in the sides or some other form of "SHUT UP!" that takes me at the time - like electrocution by bedside lamp.

So we will eat lunch (or the boys will) and then carry on. Maybe I will have another vid for you later...

The title of this post comes from a play DS was in when he used to be at school a million years ago. It was called Farmer Duck, and he was the lazy farmer. DS came into the garage/bedroom as said "How goes the work" which I thought to be rather a yokel sounding way of asking about the current build situation... Thinking that he must be developing a Fenland burr from the local oiks, I replied "Yeah, alright thanks hun". He then replied. "You are supposed to say 'Quack' ". Funny what kids remember isnt it - he was about 4 at the time.

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