Monday, 16 February 2009

The room is D O N E !

Ok, so this is not the most flattering pic of me, but I am slumped, glugging wine and absolutely shattered. Its all done bar the carpet. This was me last night (Sunday 15th Feb) covered in expanding foam, polyfiller and paint. Until sometime later, I didnt realise that expanding foam DOES NOT come off of your skin. NO. IT. DOES. NOT. My hands right now (over 24 hours later) are still covered in hard green gooooo which has eaten small parts of my skin like a very presumptuous skin peel. DO NOT use this muck without gloves. You have been warned.

In the photo are Sue, Travelling Buddie's DH and me. They are sitting on the roll of beautiful carpet that I laid this morning in my nightie BEFORE I went to slimmingworld (2 pounds off!! YAY!).
I am a freak, I know. Sue (the lodger whos been here nearly a year) said that I am the only person she has ever known that decorates at 2am and lays carpet in a nightie. Well, I guess she must be right.

But NOW, the room is DONE. Check it out. Its pure lush. MMMmmmmmm. I want it for myself now. I am gutted that its not going to be me thats in it, but then again, at least this time tomorrow I will be in my own little office once again. YAY! The 5th bedroom will become my office at last MWAHHH HAAA HAAAA

OK, here it is complete-o:
TURN SOUND !!!!DOWN!!!! It sounds like someone is being murdered!! DH dropped the camera, and its trashed the microphone obviously!! :o(


  1. your room looks great! and I can totally relate to the pictures-and the seemingly slug slow weight-loss. Here is a toast to your thin future and hopefully mine as well! woohooo on the 2pounds. and the new office space!!

  2. You are so funny, this should really be in hardback, it would be a best seller.

  3. Your disaster day has terrified me! Very good reading though. Second fill two days ago, and I've gone from no restriction to barely being able to have a small sandwich without throwing up. But not being able to drink water... doesn't bear thinking about.
    Enjoy your blog very much.