Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Operation Garage Nightmare

We are in the process of coverting our garage into a bedroom. It started like this:

Sue and I spent all morning throwing stuff down the dump and now it looks like this:

It would seem that we have simply moved all the junk to the other side of the room, but actually that is not the case. Everything on the left hand side is needed, and being kept. We took 3 whole stuffed car loads of crap down the dump for it to be poured over by the scavenging scumbuckets that work there ('work' in the loosest possible sense of the word).
So we are at step 2 - Removal of Wanted Stuff to Shed.
RWSS will commence this evening when DH gets home. I don't care if its dark. I don't care if its cold. I have done the hard work, and now its his turn. When you give up your day off work to go to a trade show for 'fun' when you should be at home clearing out the garage, but leave it all to the wife, then you deserve to work in the cold and the dark in my book! I know that if I had not done this today, then it would have sat there for the next couple of months because he just does NOT want to complete this project. So hands must be forced.
Step 3 will be - Let There Be Light... The electrician will come and put in a light and an electric socket in the room next week sometime. A cool £200.
Step 4 - Do IT!... battening, boarding and insulating will commence
Step 5 - Hurry Up... putting on the skirting, architrave and the door.
Step 6 - Finish IT!... Papering, painting, filling and carpeting to finish the job.

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