Saturday, 14 February 2009


Happy anniversary silicone band. What a way to celebrate with having 0.3ml out and guzzling water like its going out of fashion.

Cant believe its been 2 years. So much has happened in those couple of years too.

It will be my REAL 2 year bandiversary November 9th 2009 though...(yeah, you remember, the whole band breaking, regain all weight lost and re-do surgery nightmare)
So I am looking forward to what I will be at then.

Shall I make a prediction?

Well heres what I hope I will be: 13 stone

Heres what I think I will be given my past record: 15 stone

Lets see.


  1. I soo hope you make it to 13 stone like you want. Thank you for sharing. I love reading your blog!
    Take care & happy Bandiversary

  2. Happy bandiversary to us!!! You've been on such a rollercoaster ride with your band... but I know you'll get there :)