Monday, 2 February 2009

Great results

Well, cant remember if I put it down or not, but when I got weighed at fat club last Monday I had put on 2 and a half pounds, taking me to 16 stone 11.5. Not good. This week, without following any specific diet or regime at all, even having a couple of bottles of red during the week, I have lost a whopping 5 AND A HALF POUNDS!!!!

When I went to see Wendy again yesterday, I obviously didn't know this. I weighed in on their scales as a pound up, but she looked at me and then asked her husband Steve if it was the same scales, to which the answer was no as they had been sent for calibration or something. She told me I looked as though I had lost weight. I told her I had my hair cut, and we agreed it must have been that.

So we chatted about food and the intake thereof. I have been able to eat this week everything that I cooked. The portions were a tad smaller, I didn't feel as hungry in the morning as usual etc but, to me it did seem that although I could feel some difference, it wasn't quite the difference that I thought might tip me over that little plateau. So we agreed that she would put another half in and I would go careful and see what happens. If its too much, I will know and just stay on liquids. Obviously I am on liquids at the moment, so I haven't got much to report, except for the lovely delicious result at slimmingworld today! It was great to see those scales tipped the other way. I re-joined slimmingworld about 7 weeks ago as you know and I weighed in at 16 8.5. That week I lost 2 and a half pounds taking me to 16stone 6. Then I have farted about and been rubbish for a while gaining here there and everywhere, so to be right back to 16 stone 6 again, its given me a great boost. I also have 1 more ml in my band than I had back in December, so things should start to rock an roll.

Now, I have had a couple of emails from readers about the possibility of evaporative loss. I think that they say this because they cant quite form the words..." we could have lost a bit when I was putting the needle in and out etc" I know that my last fill in October didn't go well, and the syringe plunger was not working quite right and popped off and we lost fluid and she had to re-fill another syringe and replace it, so its a possibility that actually that is where I lost half a ml. The saline actually ran down my side onto the couch. To be honest I think that that is definitely where I lost it. But she called it evaporative loss and hinted at never getting all the fluid drawn back as some is in the tubing etc... So that's what I put here. No ones perfect are they, and when you see so many patients, it must be hard to remember what happened at each visit and stuff. I am not bothered. I know that my band is full, under pressure and has no leaks, air bubbles or any problems. I feel a lot more positive to be honest.

So whatever the loss was down to, its not a problem right now.


  1. A loss is a loss. Gotta take it an run. It's nice that you have a support group to go to. Sometimes we just need that little extra push and someone to evaluate our intake needs, etc. Good for you.

  2. Good to see it's going well for you now.