Tuesday, 16 June 2009

OK, I did it

I booked a fill.

Yesterday I ate a lot. I ate a half bag of ready prepared salad leaves with Salmon and beetroot and then followed it with a yoghurt... Now, that was a big salad. Actually I put the salad in the serving bowl and just kept it right in there and added dressing and 4 chopped beetroot and the piece of hot salmon and ate it right from the dish. It was a B I G salad.... but I finished it with a yoghurt.

Yesterday evening I did a BBQ. It was nearly raining... spots here and there, you know. So I cooked up 16 sausages, 6 quorn fillets, fried some onions and boiled some new potato's. DH, DS and Sue all had hot dogs in buns with new potatoes, and I PUT 3 quorn fillets on my plate and some new potatoes. I ate 2 of the fillets, DS nicked one and of the 3 that were left over - the cats pinched one of them. Later on at about 8:30 I finished off what was left of the potatoes and the fillets.

Ok, all of this food today was completely allowed on slimmingworld - Free food in fact - Salad, fish, potato, quorn, beetroot... but its not the kind of diet I envisaged after banding.

Thankfully I know there is nothing wrong with my band like there was last time. I still have 'restriction' to a degree, but to be honest maybe what I think restriction is... isn't!

I think of restriction being - 'I cant eat another bite or I will puke' so I will wait a bit and then eat some more. Well, this is the case if I eat too fast or don't chew. But maybe restriction really is 'I cant eat another bite because I am full'. This doesn't happen. I could happily continue eating until the cows come home. So considering that I am eating way too much, have been gaining weight steadily (unless doing a diet) its got to be time to see Wendy again.

Had a row with the National Insurance office today too. Honestly what is wrong with the world. I did my tax return the day the self assessment form came through, realised that I had paid NI all last year when actually I didn't need to because I was earning under the threshold. I wrote to them and asked for a refund. The was 6th April. I called about mid May asking if there was any news... "It gets sorted in the beginning of June" I was told. Ok. So I called back last Monday and they said the refund was issued 28th April for £89.70.

So, it DOESN'T get sorted the beginning of June, and also where the hell is my cheque then? That's over 5 weeks ago. She said "I will have to check the cheque has not been cashed, and then they will re-issue it."

I rang back today to see if there had been a problem and the chap said "Well it's not our department. It says it was issued, so .... bal bla bla" but as I was proper GRIEVED he gave me the number for another department who deal with issuing refunds.

She said "Oh, it looks like it was actioned but never issued. I will look into it. But the computers are off as of next week for a fortnight..."

What the hell???? Seriously man. Anyway, she did have the grace to ring me back and tell me that the cheque had in fact NOT been issued, so she had done it for me today, but it would STILL take about 2 weeks to get to me.


Right Hand meet Left Hand and get to know one another PLEASE!

But, hey when it does arrive, at least it will pay for my fill!!


  1. I can still eat really big meals. I was reading about your salad and I was thinking...yum, I could eat that!!
    good luck with you fill - when is it?


  2. Ok no-I cannot eat big meals anymore at all. I can really only eat a 1/2 cup of something. I can eat 1 cup of popcorn (I think it slips through my tiny opening more easily) and I can eat ice cream until the cows come home. I can eat two bites of a potato and thats it-nothing more.

    but there are things that get stuck-like pasta-and I absolutely have to chew a ton and eat slowly.

    After my lat fill I could eat a little and then wait and then eat some more. I could feel the food moving through too (with a burp). Once i had a big burp I could eat more. With the latest fill that burp does not happen for at least 1/2 and hour so there is no more waiting it out. By the time I can eat more I am full and I don't want more (well mostly)...When I first got the fill I was sad at times that I could not eat very much and it was hard. I have kind of gotten used to it now.

    Tonight for example I know there is potato salad in the fridge and I really want it but i know if I try I will only get to have about 2 bites and that is it. I really need to eat some protein so I am trying to figure out if I should eat anything or go dig out protein...I am kind of at the point where I am not sure I want to bother with it (too much work to eat anything).

    The band is not simply going to restrict your food and you get to eat like you always have but less. You eat less but you have to change too-like more protein sources, chew more and slow down.

    I will confess my bad food day yesterday on my blog :)

    Oh and weight-loss competition on-I know you were just waiting for me right??