Friday, 5 June 2009

Back to Blighty

Our Czech trip was great once again, and I will be going back! Its such a nice place, and so friendly.

Food wise, I ate loads. I must admit to 'using' their version of Tatar sauce, which is like a sweet tartar sauce tasting creamy mayonnaise. Hellman's actually make the stuff, but I have never seen it over here. I love it. They eat it with chips rather than fish. I just ate it with everything, hence the weight gain!! LOL. However, I don't exactly know how much weight was gained as I missed the weigh in on Monday as I was still stuffing myself in Czech Rep! I reckon at least 7 pounds, if not more!!

The food was relatively easy for a bandster... well for me anyway. I seem to e a bit unusual to other bandsters so many of you might think its truly unbelievable that I could eat it, or some not... i don't know. You will have to tell me.

Most days I had Yoghurt with honey for breakfast, followed by pate and butter thickly sliced on a dry caraway seed bread. That's right, sliced butter. Don't. Just Don't. It was heaven, but it was a heaven eaten very slowly. Often times I added in some salami too, or cheese, but mainly I stuck to pate.

Lunch was pretty much the same as dinner, a piece of chicken variously cooked, but normally in a hammered steak style, fried, with some kind of sauce. Often topped with cabbage/cream mixture and always roasted potato - basically deep fried boiled potatoes. They call these American Potato's. Hmmm All washed down with lashings of Cervene Vino (red wine!) and Tartaska - the yummy most delicious Tatar sauce on earth.

Obviously there were puddings too. various including the obvious ice cream and stuff, but I also managed some Svestkove Knedliky - a kind of plum dumpling pudding with strange crunchy topping with cream. Yummy.

If I ate too fast I knew I would be in trouble. I was sick just 1 time in the whole holiday and that was because I had allowed myself to get starving hungry. I find that if I am very very hungry or thirsty I have trouble drinking, let alone eating, so I have to 'work' the band into shape a bit to get it going.

I have been back on Slimmingworld's diet since my return, so hopefully on Monday I should be nearing the weight that I was when I left. I hope anyway!!
And don't worry, I am still on my mission to find out what is going on with Slimmingworlds confidentiality agreements... Watch this space.

night night peeps

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