Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bad Girl

It was my Friend's daughters Prom yesterday, and I said that I would do her nails for her. She came over on Monday and I did her a flash set of pink and whites and they looked awesome. She gave me a bunch of pink roses which were gorgeous, and then

Cadbury's Heroes
They sat like a giant elephant on the piano all Monday, all Tuesday, and all yesterday and this morning I ran downstairs and grabbed them after DH went to work and sat in bed and stuffed half a box. I feel like a nasty little sneak and a horrible cow because I told DS that he couldn't have any and that I was going to give them away to someone as a pressie. Now he is eating the remains and then we are going to go out and have a really really REALLY long walk because I feel so bad and sick just thinking about my disgusting fatness and hopefully will lose some of those pointless calories I ingested. Anyone know how much walking burns?

1 comment:

  1. You should have binned them... or politely told your friend that you thank her for the flowers but can't accept the chocolates... OR you should have binned them.. after eating 1 or 2... and then thrown dishwashing liquid all over them to stop the temptation...

    next time eh?

    Good on you for going for that walk.. I'm sure that undid some of the damage caused!

    Love Me xx

    P.S Am in the UK in october.. want to meet up? :)