Monday, 29 June 2009

2 Pounds Removed From Me Carcass

Weighbridge went well. Considering the chocolate-a-thon, and having the painters in too - 2 pounds off has me well chuffed.

I came home and celebrated with a nice smoked salmon salad and the omnibus edition of Neighbours. I'm now off to sun my sleeker self in the garden and have a splash in the pool. 28 and a half degrees here in Sunny Cambridgeshire :o)


  1. woohoooo good going on the 2 pounds--Despite my tight band I am stuck at 243 the scale only goes up and down to that and then back up again...arghg.

    The weather is grand here as well-mid 70's f. Happy tanning!

  2. 17 and stormy here.. I'm jealous!! lol Enjoy

  3. I went and did Zumba yesterday... OMG the heat was horrendous... and me being idiot is going to salsacise tonight! I must need my head testing. Well done on the 2lbs, always a bonus when we haven't been great. I think I will put on this week cos your chocothon pales in comparison to what I've munched through this week...LOL

  4. Go you!! Well done miss Bunny!