Thursday, 29 January 2009


Feeling rubbish. Sore throat, headache, full on snot - that kind of rubbish.

Band been behaving itself, but can still eat a lot. I am having to chew more for sure, but there is still not enough restriction. It's like its on the verge of something. Its so close, but not quite there. So I am going again on Sunday and should be able to sort it out. Wow, how many times do I say that? Well lets just hope this REALLY is the time now.

Went out to dinner last night with my mate Rhuta. She has just got engaged to her long term boyfriend and is so happy, so we went out to have a good chat over a meal. We had Moroccan
with a Mixed Meze to share for starter (stuffed vine leaves, couscous, spicy beans, cucumbery-yoghurt thing, sea food mix and humous) and then I had some lentil/pea pattys like burgers that are cooked on a wood burning grill with tabbouleh (Bulgar wheat and herbs and onions etc) and a tomato and pepper sauce. It was yummy. Was going to have pudding too - baklava or however you spell it but it was a bit grim. I know that it is actually the real thing and there was nothing wrong with it, but in my mind a weird bland nut puree in pastry covered with oil and honey is not a good pudding... maybe I'm weird, but this is just boring, and not worth it. I stuck to coffee.

But yeah, I didn't have a problem with any of it and eat a lot. It was all dryish and chew-worthy if you know what I mean. I was also a bit peckish when I got home.

We discussed metabolism a lot. Rhuta is painfully thin. She is DESPERATE to gain weight. I know people say it a lot, but I know her well and she eats loads. You would not think it was possible for someone to eat so much and stay the same weight.
this was a typical day:
dhal and rice followed by a pint of full fat milk with mango pulp in
Kellogs nutrigrain bar, home made full fat banana + fruit smoothie
Lunch: Last nights leftovers... some kind of curry and rice
snack: cakes/crisps or snacks brought by co-workers from tesco (little office ritual that a different person gets afternoon cakes/snacks every day)
Dinner: half a pizza and chips or massive curry and rice and naan or lasagna etc.
snacks: nuts and Channa mix with different things or an extra portion of the dinner.

How is it possible for this little 7 stone delicate flower to eat this much and not gain weight. She is always in awe of me because I eat less than half of that and GAIN weight. Ahh ha! Haaa haaa haaa. I mean WHAT????

She brought up the idea of sweat. I have no idea about this, but it was interesting. She said that people who sweat easily have a high metabolism. I don't know if that's true, but it is an interesting concept that I have not thought about before.

I NEVER sweat. I can exercise, ride a bike in full sun, do anything, and NEVER break a sweat. I never use deodorant because I just don't smell. My feet don't get sticky. My palms are dry as a bone and I am seemingly sweatgland-less. I have always considered this EXCELLENT! I don't get smelly ever and its just great! She said that she can feel cold, but her hands are clammy. A little hoovering makes her ringing wet. She says she hates it because she is always sweating. She always put it down to being in a hot country until she came to England... but it has continued. Her husband to be is the same. Even DH sweats loads. He plays badminton, comes home and its like he has showered in his clothes. Its really gross, but maybe she has something here... How many people who are overweight sweat easily? Or should I ask how many people who are overweight find they don't get damp pits that often unless they are really going for it in the exertion side of things?
I would appreciate your responses.

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  1. I am like you Bunny-I very rarely wear deod. I have to really work to break a sweat.

    I do think that men sweat easier-and can still be fat. My husband is a tad chubby and he sweats like crazy. Maybe you are on to something as far as girls go though.