Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Weightloss is so annoyingly boringly slow....

*Deep sigh*

This week I lost half a pound...


Trying to get enthused, but just cant manage it.

Been good this week so far though. We bought the game Fit for the Wii... its a board that works with the Wii console and it measures your morbidly obese carcass and tells you what your real age is and horrors like that. It is also exceedingly fun. I have been snowboarding, skiing, ski jumping, tightrope walking, step class, jogging and other things... very interesting.

So just since Monday I have done 1 and a half hours of sports that I would never have done in my life! I didn't get puffed out - even after jogging for 6 minutes - which I was amazed at, but you certainly feel like you have worked out a little. Its raised your heart rate and got you moving. I did a Free Step class for 10 minutes and did 1000 steps. That's not bad really. Hmmm 1000 steps in 10 minutes = Pretty cool in my book.

So we shall see.

Went to the cinema this evening and saw Twilight. Wow, that's a good film. Really dark and Gothic and none of this gratuitous sex that makes me wanna puke. It was very romantic. I think romance is dead after passion is fulfilled anyway... I am a realist. Sorry. So this was really nice. Very striking and I would actually like to see it again. Makes the way for a #2 as well which is cool.

We also have a place around here where they flood the field and you can go ice skating... its really excellent. Here is a video of DS mucking about on the ice on Monday afternoon. The sunset was amazing.


This week has also seen the house filled with prospective housemates... The girl who booked the room, Wendy with the little dog Betty, could not take the room after all... some cack about her dad losing his job bla bla... and then we didn't really have any interest and I was starting to get a bit desperate. Today however, we had a guy from China want the room, 4 other people come to look and I even turned down 3 people over the email because a guy called Rob took the room immediately and paid 2 weeks in advance. So he is moving in on Monday. Hes only going to be here 4 nights a week, as his home is further North and he just couldn't hack the 2h 30m each way commute any more. That's gotta hit the wallet with petrol too. So we look forward to getting to know him. He has already completely won over DH and DS with his cool Google phone. It has this thing where you can hold it up and it shows you the stars... so you can be wandering along and think "Hmmm whats that star then?" and you can find out... loads of all singing and dancing bits of technology that seduce me like a pair of socks would...

Anyway, seems nice enough apart from that, so that's it for today.

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