Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Time to fill 'er up!

I have really looked into my eating over the last two weeks. I was considering having a fill a couple of weeks ago and I hadn't really thought about it properly. Erika (aka Lap Band Girl) asked me some pertinent questions and I thought she was right and I should kind of analyse what I am doing.

I have kept food diary's from the last 2 weeks solid and I need a fill. I am eating way too much. I am not forcing the issue, just finding that I am able to finish my plate and my portion sizes have crept up over the last few months and they are the same as DH's and DS's and even sometimes bigger than Sue's. *gulp*

I wondered why I was eating more... that's why I thought I had to really look into this. Its wasn't because I was forcing myself, or was emotionally eating, or anything, just that I was plain hungry. I have not had to HMS at all in the last 2 weeks either.

I have also had a tendency to 'use' wet foods... curry, soup, stews, scrambled eggs etc so I have made a concerted effort to eat chewable stuff this week, thinking that maybe that was the reason why I was able to eat so much. Alas this is not the case. I have had lamb shank with crisp veggies, lasagne with chips (home made dry roasted ones... i.e. no fat!), egg and chips, ryvita with toppings, jacket potato's, salads, couscous, pasta and even a sandwich... So I think that basically I can eat pretty much anything without anything getting stuck, or feeling incredibly full after just a small time, and the chewing thing has not had to be *that* rigid.

Another factor is of course the lack or weightloss or rather the up and down around the same few pounds which is really hacking me off.

I find in the evening around 10pm I am looking in the fridge and the cupboard and scratching around for a snack. I have yogurt or a couple of ryvita's if they are there, but there has been a couple of times where pop corn won out, and also beetroot with salad cream - not too bad you might think... but LOVE salad cream and am a heavy user (half a bottle) given half the chance.

I am eating too much - whether its wet or dry - because I am still hungry
I am not losing weight progressively
I am scratching in the cupboards way too often

I booked an appointment with Wendy from the http://www.wlsgroup.co.uk/ on Sunday. I am exactly the same weight that I was at my last fill back on 5th October 2008 - 16 stone 8. So it would seem that after having my disastrous unfill on 10th August 2008, where I was gaining 2 pound a week, every week until the fill on 1oth October, that last fill obviously Stalled my weight gain, but is not enough to enable me to lose weight nicely.

I need a top up.

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  1. I'm glad that you have reviewed your food intake and really made a good go of trying new foods and foods that you think you might not have been able to eat. It's pretty obvious you need a fill,so bring it on I say!! :)