Thursday, 22 January 2009

Still pain, plus some extra for good measure

couple of things are annoying me... the fill doesn't seem to have made much, if any, difference. I haven't had an episode of HMSing or even pb'ing or heartburn or stuff like that. However, I have been good, and chewed well. I can however, eat meat, potatos, rice and bread without incident. Hmmm

Meals I can remember:
Kentucky snack box - Chips and fillet chicken
Bread and jam
Baked beans on toast
Breaded chicken goujons, potato waffle and sweetcorn (always a hard item to eat)
Roast lamb dinner
Spanish tortilla - potato, onion and egg
Scrambled egg with bacon and tomato
Fish and chips

I have made an appointment to go back and see Wendy as suggested but I think I am going to do something a little more drastic and go on slimfast or something. I am at that very dangerous point of just saying "Stuff it all" and enjoying my life. I did this because I wanted to regain control and I want to, but I am thinking about food all the time, eating it, cooking it and obsessing about it, and also thinking about my band all the time and I just cant be bothered any more.

Also, the governments minions are annoying me royally. They have launched an investigation into home education as a cover for child abuse or enslavement/entrapment:

"The DCSF spokeswoman said the concerns were based on unspecified allegations. "We want to see if there is any evidence to back up the allegations," she said."

I'm left wondering how exactly this is different from "we know they are guilty so now we just need to find the evidence"

Are there not more serious problems in the world? Are there not more serious problems in the UK, are there not more pressing concerns within England, or even our county that would be better for these idiots to sort out rather than persecute a group of people that in the vast majority are doing this because the systems they want to impose on us have failed our babies?

I would suggest an inquest into why more and more people are telling schools in England to SHOVE it. an investigation into why the LEA themselves do not act where there is medical evidence of bullying of 4 and 5 year old children within their 'care'

If I were the DCSF I would be more worried that Education Otherwise, HEAS and all the others groups don't club together and launch an investigation into the LEA and publish it nationwide on radio shows and television and give words into other peoples mouths.

They could find that the majority of schools would then be moribund after the bullying and suicides and stress levels, lack of learning and wasted time are revealed in all their glory.

So this has really annoyed me. I suggest you read up on the following before you voice your opinion... as so many people don't know what the hell they are talking about and just spout their personal opinion and look like idiots on the radio and TV to all of us that are a little more enlightened.

If the school system had nurtured, educated and supported my DS as it told me it was going to do, he would still be there. I have no intention of putting him back into that prison, and I have the right to choose this option. I just hope that others will have this option in the future.

To quote Jason Ward:

"Please, can we not give up the liberty of being able to choose between a great
state system, a private school or the joy of teaching at home, simply
because it is hypothetically possible that a bad person, somewhere, might
one day conceivably manipulate the system, or there might be an “extreme
AHEd press release on Home Education Forums:

Education Professionals Union Voice General Secretary believes that inspections by the local education authority should be compulsory, and parents should have to present the child and his or her work.

Government attempting to influence consultation outcome:
These completely biased articles have been posted to inhouse journals. Please remember that the NSPCC spokesperson said on the Jeremy Vine show that they have no evidence or statistics to back up these spurious abuse concerns. This is not the impression being given to state sponsored employees who are clearly being encouraged to respond to this consultation. It's about numbers more than ever.
See here for detailed information about how local authorities have may used"unsubstantiated hearsay" in consultation responses:
contact your local newspaper:
email your mp:
This is the link to 'listen again' for the Jeremy Vine show that broached the topic
"some people have expressed concern that home education could be used as a cover for child abuse, forced marriage, domestic servitude or other forms of child neglect. What do you think Government should do to ensure this does not happen?"

the final question on the consultation form. Heres the link to the consultation:-


  1. howdy Bunny-Don't give up! the slimfast will leave you further behind because the liquid slips right through that band of yours. The corn and bread does seem to be a strong indication that you do not have enough fill.

    Go back and get more-I think that we get a fill, figure out how to chew and lose some stomach fat then need another. A while back you were to tight remember those know it is there so go find restriction again!

  2. Wow, it sounds like a heated debate over there. My son's been through hell at school at times and there have been times when home schooling seemed like a viable option - at the moment it's double schooling: going to school and going to tutoring outside school hours to make up for incompetence and lack of care. I'm hoping secondary school is better for my son.

    On your fill, I'm intrigued by "evaporative loss" - where can fluid evaporate to when it's in a band inside your gut?