Thursday, 18 December 2008

sKrAwNy WaNnAbE

Today has been a good day. DS got all his work done which is good. He is at a sleepover this evening, so I think the threat of not being able to got his butt in gear. I got up at midday, which is crazy - Have no idea why I slept so much, but I was obviously whacked for some reason. Had my lunch which was smoked salmon - period. Nothing else, just that. I made DS baked beans on toast (his favorite lunch) and that was it really. I made a tortilla for tea.. Boiled potato slices mixed up with onion, garlic and spinach and a lot of eggs then baked in the oven. I served it with baked beans which were HORRIBLE. Oh man they were disgusting. They kind of taste fishy and tinny... I am so talking them back tomorrow. They are co-op's own brand and they are vile. It completely ruined the dinner as they were like touching the rest of the food and I felt sick. I took a whiff from the tin and it really REEKED.

Strangely enough Amy said "Oh, I didn't notice... it tasted nice". HA! What?!?!?! I mean the horrible cow picks over my delicious lovingly cooked meals like they are freaking poison - but when there is a real threat to her health (seriously they were THAT bad) she thinks they are... NICE???!!!

I just don't get the woman. She is a halfwit I swear to god.

So, nothing has changed over night in this household... I am still on a mission to slimness, DH is gorgeous, DS is beautiful, Sue is posh, Amy is a freaking wierdo & I am about to watch Lovewrecked. Hopefully its good.

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