Saturday, 27 December 2008

The American Contingent

We have had a lush couple of days with my American Cousins. They are going home tomorrow sadly, but we have had such a lot of fun! What is even sadder is that I have eaten for the whole of the English Contingent... OOOooops.

Oh well, a few days off in the course of things will change the scales for a week or so, but my mind set is still there.

Its impossible to be a goody two shoes when there are people having a visit. Marcie and Linda are so lovely. They are such sweeties and so enthralled by everything you show them that its such a joy to have them about.

We went to a lovely market town and went around a museum of Oliver Cromwell's House and then to a tiny little pub by a back water fen that was really great. I have never been to these places either, so it always gives me a good excuse to get of my butt and go and do something.

They are my 7th cousins, and we found each other when doing genealogy regarding our weird surname, and it has been fab just getting to know half of a family again. We have been there, and they have been here and so on and its been lovely. There are still such striking resemblances between us that its amazing.

Anyway, I have had a diet of dinners out... currys and cakes, biscuits and cakes, wine and cakes and oh I don't know, more cakes?

So its not going to be pretty, but then again at least I can get in control again.

I think actually, I need another fill. I am able to eat pretty much what I want again and I don't get that completely stuffed feeling either... Like tonight we went to a buffet - all you can eat Indian restaurant - and I went up 3 times!!! I didn't have to do that, but I could. We all know what that means right?

Anyway, I will think about that later. Right now I cant be bothered and I am gonna go to bed.

nighty night

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  1. Indian all you can eat? What type of foods were you having? Curry and rice? Slippery slidy foods? I can eat Indian quite easily, but as soon as I have Naan or Tikka, I can feel the restriction... perhaps you wouldn't have been able to eat as much if you chose foods that weren't so "wet".

    Over the next few days try eating dryer foods like breads, pastas, raw veges or veg only lightly steamed to see if you really need a fill or if you're just not using your band to the best of it's ability. That's what I've found :)

    LBG xx