Monday, 22 December 2008

She's had hers

Right... Amy has now bitten her last victim and she is going to be out on her bum in the new year. I cant quite bring myself to give her her notice this week... not because its Xmas, but just because I know she wont be able to find anywhere quickly enough as most people wont want to be getting a new lodger right now... So I am going to make the most of the extra cash for 2 weeks then kick the bint out.

I am not going to go into all the details but lets just say, she is nasty to my animals - Gary, Kieth, Steve, Pauline, Mary, Felix, Dave and Dylan the dog. She sprayed air freshener at Dave yesterday to scare him off the surface he was sleeping on! ARGH I WANT TO SPRAY HER! She was nasty to me about my beliefs, had an argument with DS about 12a certificate films - a 10 year old has more knowledge and reason than her. Honestly she is a dumb head.

DS: "We're going to see Yes Man!"
AMY: "Sorry - it's too old for you."
DS: "No its a 12a. 12a's were originally 15's but they changed them"
AMY: "No a 15 is a 15...12a is a 12a."
DS:"Actually, it is a new classification that started with Spiderman. The bbfc wanted it to be a 15, but the writers said that the people who it was aimed at (8-12yr olds) would not be able to watch it, so they changed it to a 12a."
AMY: "A 15 is a 15. DUH!"
DS: "No Amy... its because..."
AMY: "jumping down throat* " Oh just shut up about it. A 12a is NOT a 15 ok! if it was it would have 15 on it. You don't know everything ok?"


Anyway, got weighed today. I stayed the same weight. I am really pleased with that. TB actually put on the 4 pound she lost last week... that's really sad as I know it really kills her to put on weight. This time of year is really hard for dieters. I don't have that excuse, but still seem to eat loads anyway. So we have really got to do this 100% or at least use damage limitation. after the 2 dinners I had out this week and the wine I have had I am really stoked to still weigh the same, but I tried to eat nothing bad at all on the days where I didn't have to go out. And yes, I do feel pretty darn smug :o))))) So I am still with it, and am surprised that I am too, but have a different mind on this game right now.

Dunno what I am having for dinner tonight... I have had beetroot and salad for lunch.

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  1. That's it! Throw her out on her bloomin' arse!!

    Merry Christmas honey!