Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Oh what bliss it is to get a nice fat bonus.

Unbelievably DH came home from work today with a nice fat wad of cash like Harry Enfield's 'loads-a-money'. It was a beauteous thing. So we have bought the filter we needed for the pool and more than likely will be able to start building work on the new office shortly in the new year.

Don't know if I told you all that we have a socking great hole in the lounge wall... No, don't think I did. Well we have a socking great hole in our lounge wall. It goes straight into our garage and will soon become office/classroom/guest room extraordinaire! YAY! We have costed it at about £400 to do the work. Then it will cost a bit more to get the floor done in tiles like the rest of the house... but I think I can manage that so that halves the bill nicely. Its gonna look great. The only thing we cant physically do is the electrics. DH is hopeless with things like that, and to be honest we haven't had security lighting for the last 4 weeks because he cant work out some problem with them. We had the hole cut in the wall and since then the security lighting has gone a bit wrong. When we switch the thing on, it just stays on - heating up the road in a halogen glow... so we have had to keep it off for now. So we need a nice cheap electrician who feels like doing some extensive charity work! HA HA. So when hell freezes over we shall get that sorted then.

But our downstairs is going to look massive. At the moment there is just a huge piece of polystyrene duct-taped to the wall. Attractive it isn't, but it keeps the ice out. The hole is literally straight into the garage and the wind whistles through mercilessly.

So that's really nice to know that we have that cash ready for the green light and then I can have my lovely office back - but double the size! I have already sourced my desk... its a gargantuan white dining table from Ikea that will do the trick perfectly. Its 2 meters long and 70cms wide. Personally I think this would make a shocking dining table, but its the best desk ever. It has these weird legs underneath that the printer and the towers can sit on and its just amazing. Its also £70 which is the most fab bit about it! I will take pics and show you the work in progress don't worry. This is stage one... The door on the right goes up the stairs to the bedrooms and the one on the right goes to the front porch. You can see why I am eager to get started. Its become a dumping ground and the bookcase is in fact holding the polystyrene sheet against the wall!! HA

So onto diet/band news... nothing to report. No pukes, chokes or HMS's. Today's food has been reasonable but not exactly, lets say, exotic.

I have had some chilli beans, a little jacket potato flesh, 4 ryvitas as snacks, 1 can of lentil and bacon soup and some Bulgar wheat and quinoa in a sweet chilli stock... a bit like soup too really. The packet said put 500mls in a pan and boil until water is absorbed... well it didn't absorb and fluffing with a fork was NOT necessary. I had to eat it with a spoon it was so sloppy. It was very tasty though. Had a couple of yogurts to whilst watching the telly. So today's been pretty good and 100% on plan.

Tomorrow I am making a starter for my Friends little soiree. She has invited me and another Yummy Mummy around for lunch and all the kids can get together and play. The YM who invited me has 2 boys and the other YM has 4. So it should be fun for the kids. The starter is just for us three Mummys and the Other YM is making desert. So I am a bit out on a limb tomorrow with eating so we shall have to see what happens. I also have to go to DH's shop dinner on Saturday night. Its a Moroccan place so I have no idea what I will have to eat. I am hoping I can go for couscous or something like that as that will be pretty low in problems.

So onwards and upwards. Here is a funny photo of DS. We were goofing about the other day and he came up with this winner. He calls it Maths Geek...

Lodger AMY daily crap update:

Felix the cat did a fine turn out under the radiator in the Utility room. Its his favorite sport and one of his favorite spots - the others being the front door mat, the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and behind DS's desk in his bedroom. I cleaned it up and then went off. Came back and it was still stinky, so sprayed a couple of squirts of lavender airfresh.

Amy: "Who was that?!"

Me: "Hmmm...?"

Amy:" Eww who was that... its terrible * fake cough splutter* I am opening the window"

Me - thinking she can smell the cat crap says: "oh felix had a slack bowel again so I freshened the place"

Amy: "It was you????!!! *fake cough* that spray *choke* it's come straight in my room!!"

Classic Comeback from Me: "Oh I'm so sorry... I thought you would prefer the smell of Lavender rather than the smell of poo. I wont bother next time."

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh yes. She had nothing to say to that and glared at me and went back in her coven.

Interesting how she choked on the sweet smell of lavender squirty. Mind you, maybe I should have known better because while I was at work the other day she sat on the sofa for 3 hours with a pile of cat poo right on the floor in front of her, and carried on watching the telly. I came home and was like "OH for heavens sake" but apparently she "didn't know where the smell was coming from" so just left it there. She is obviously used to lesser dwellings. silly cow

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  1. bahahaha... loving your recapped conversations with your lovely lodger... fingers firmly crossed that she moves out ASAP. Maybe you should tempt felix into her room and leave some "presents" for her there... it is close to christmas... I think it only seems fair! :)