Monday, 15 December 2008

Monday Monday

2 and a half pounds off!! Yes that is so sweet.

TB lost 4 (the cow!) but there does seem to be a lower weightloss when you go 'on a diet' with a band... i guess that's because you are already having a limited amount of food - so I am well pleased with 2 and a half. Oh man, I was so looking forward to today. I have been really excellent all week and am looking forward to my treat today which is a movie and a couple of glasses of red wine! Excellent. I am trying not to use any 'syns' up today so that I can use it all for wine! HA HA HA

Wine is a killer to my eating plan so I plan on having it as a treat as some would a chocolate bar. I like chocolate, don't get me wrong, but I like wine better.

So we went to the group this morning. The usual suspects were there. I cant believe that some of these people have been going for 7 or 8 years! WOW. Anyway, it means they keep their weight off. There are a lot of big losers in this class as opposed to the Slimmingworld PIG's group that we used to go to. We were the longest members of that class after a while and we had only been going 18 months and lost a couple of stone each. This group is really nice. Yeah its a bit happy clappy and everyone is always chatting and butting in, but there is a real feeling of 'community' and people are genuinely happy for you when you lose weight or if you are having a hard time.

Where we live is on the edge of the 'funny country' where people start to get a bit odd and whole villages are related... you know the kind of thing. If you haven't lived there for 10 generations then you are an alien. The class with the PIG as the leader was in a town near to us... our local area, but this class is a little bit further away in the opposite direction and they have 'accents' and are a bit... random. Its so strange that its only about 8 miles from our village, but no one from this group ever ventures out our way... They always stick within their little micro climate of towns.

Well, I am a true outsider anyway, so I don't care to be honest. I think they let us in so that we could help expand the gene pool!!

So this funny little class in the Fens is where we are at Monday morning 10am. Next week they are having a christmas party and bringing all kinds of fat free fodder that they have cooked or mucked around with - so I think we shall give that a miss. The last thing I want to do is eat a load of stuff and waste syns on things I don't like and frankly don't know what or where or how they have been cooked. Eeeww. *shudders* I think I am getting a bit like my Dad in that respect.

So the band is behaving and I have nice restriction. I am sick very rarely now I am behaving myself. I have finally given in to its demands. It seems to like a mouthful of food, then a minute wait, then another mouthful or two and then a few minutes rest and then I can start to eat slow mouthfuls a little easier. I often have to stop after 4 or 5 bites and wait for maybe even 10 minutes so that 'something' can happen and it will allow me to eat. Then I seem to able to eat pretty nicely on a small amount and feel completely satisfied.

Today for instance I came out of Slimmingworld and I handed TB a Ryvita goodness bar(I can have 2 of those for a healthy option). She ate hers in 2 gulps and I had to nibble and rest between swallows and then I had to put it down 2/3rd though and come back to it later as my band said "No!". Then we went shopping for groceries and came home and I have just had 2 ryvitas... dry... and I actually like them like that. I have never considered eating ryvita without something on them and to be honest I find really dry things are easy to eat as they break apart easily and don't turn into a sticky bolus. Then they travel down and swell in your stomach which makes you full. So why I never thought of this before, I don't know.
Dinner tonight is Ham with cauliflower and green beans and a cheese sauce. No syns there either, and then onto the vino!

Its rent day today too... This brings me nicely on to Amy. She is our new lodger. Wow, she is a piece of work. She is argumentative and stroppy and completely the most contrary person I have ever met. She also makes absolutely no sense in her reasoning, and doesn't let you answer when you are responding to the problem... unless she wants to make you feel awkward and then she will leave a nice pregnant eternity whilst she looks down at you and sneers with her head doing a wobble side to side. ARGH

for instance... a conversation last night between Sue and Amy went thus:

Topic - questions asked during interviews (as Sue has an interview for a job on Wednesday)
Amy: "So are you a leader or a follower"
Sue: "I am a leader. Well I like to think that I am a leader anyway"
Amy: "Why are you a leader?"
Sue: "Well I don't like being a follower"
Amy: "So you are not a follower?"
Sue: "Well I guess sometimes I have to be if I am told to do something"
Amy "HA! Then you are not a leader then"


what a nightmare.

I could go on and on and on, but she just has these cyclical conversations and they are so DUMB its unreal. I don't like iT when she is in her sullen moods and just sulks about and stays in her room, but I prefer it to her being stroppy.

Also, she crossed the line. The fat line. Now you and I both know that this line is a serious thing in my house and Sue crossed it and I dished her completely in a previous post. Well I nearly threw both of the cheeky SWINES onto the street last night for their outright cheek telling me - YES TELLING ME - that basically I had no self control and was the scum of the earth for being fat and taking up health care and breathing space. Apparently slimmignworld is a waste of time because obviously what is the point in me going if after 2 years I haven't changed my habits and still eat like a hog and the band is a waste of time all I needed was to get some self respect.


How would you guys have liked to be a fly on the wall of that conversation. Both of them (Sue and Amy) talk over you and at you and I couldn't get a word in edgeways so I feel like poisoning then both, or gobbing in their soup or something. The mean, horrible, NASTY DOUCHE bags.

No one should treat people like that, and they didn't have a shred of empathy whatsoever. When I said that for me, food was my cocaine, they both snorted. Its not worth me wasting my time, but it makes me feel like a subhuman and I wonder what they think when my fat ugly carcass walks around the house. I am obviously repulsive to them. HOW DARE THEY

Right, heres a hAppy little recipe:
I made this because I had left over jacket potatos.

Potato soup
*3 jacket potatos (very well cooked)
*1 onion
*2 garlic cloves
*'green' leftovers - I had brocolli to use up
*veg stock cube
*mixed herbs
*salt and pepper

boil it all up for about 20 minutes and then whiz with a hand blender...
Tasty - the jacket pots must give it that extra flavour.


  1. Goodon you for being so positive in the face of such negativity from the lodgers!

  2. The mean, horrible, shitbags!... throw them out on their skinny white butts... they don't deserve your hospitality or friendship. They don't understand what it's like, they're ignorant cows.