Monday, 2 November 2009

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

So slimmingworld revealed the news that this week I lose 2 pounds.

I am really pleased that I have lost 2 pounds, but like I said before, I would be lying if I said i was completely happy because of yesterday saying I had lost 4. Yeah. That would have been much nicer. I was feeling really ticked off all morning, and when I got home I found out why I put on 2 pounds over night... and was ready to KILL.

Dreaded flaming curse again!

I seem to have it all the time! I just get over one bitchfest and spot covered face picking session when it seems like it was only 2 days ago I finished the last one -but yet it really was 28 days ago. Time whizzes by.

If you have periods for approximately 35 years of your life... then you have 13 a year which doesn't actually seem very many... but when you add it all up you will have had 455 of these sods. Now I think that 455 weeks out of my life is more than a bit skanky and bad. That's near as damn it 10 YEARS feeling like death for no good bloody reason.

considering we have a debilitating condition that will disable us for 10 years (ok tongue in cheek a bit), I reckon someone needs to make a charity for research into funding for Period sufferers and get some tablets to cure our moodiness and stroppiness and outright horribleness. I don't want to be an evil witch every 3 weeks that's for sure and I could sure do without any extra pain in my lower back right now thank you very much.

But no, its a fact of life and part of being a woman so instead of getting anything worth a shit from a doctor to cure PMT or PMS for good, we should learn to embrace it. PFFFTTT!

Roll on menopause. Menostop in fact! A bloody pause is no good to anyone (pardon the pun!).

Anyway, enough of chipe about something that ain't ever gonna change in the foreseeable future of the universe.

I have lost the 2 pounds that I had picked up, lost, picked up again bla bla over the last few weeks, so I am still sitting at 28 pounds lost. Grrrrr. But, because of said curse, I should find that if I sit tight and keep to what I am doing, next week should be big time great!

Today so far I have had a couple of yoghurts, some chicken noodle soup, 2 crackerbread and 2 popadums. I had my meals delivered today from Wiltshire Farm Foods, so that will be a great help. I am having my first one this evening and its 300 cals. So tonight that means that I can have some chocolate (-this is what I mean... the scientists could get their heads together and get us a patch or something to stop this bollocks! I am pretty sure it would be easy if they actually tried).

So, band is great.

Want a couple of pics of the new garage conversion done properly this time?
Back in February's posts you can see the effort hubby put in and what it looked like and how proud we were. Well it took them 2 hours to destroy EVERYTHING in that room. They had completely gutted it back to normal by 12pm when I got home from slimming. Marvelous. Anyway, its gonna be great when its done. Here you are:

This is the view from my front room... Hard to imagine Warrens whole entire decorated bedroom was here this morning.

and a horror shot from inside. They put up a couple of the old bits of chipboard we used to cover the hole where the new window will go...

and the outside shot as it was left today. This will have the window in on Wednesday, and be completely clad with uPvc ship lap fascia.


  1. Ack! I was just bemoaning the whole 'monthly' thing myself yesterday. Mine are all over the place lately - I just had one and two weeks later, here they are again, complete with fat belly and feeling grumpy.
    Congrats on the loss - excellent work. Like the garage too. It's going to look great.

  2. Bunny you lost 2 pounds (picture me slapping you about the ears!!)...that is good!!!!!!! and those other two that have climbed back on could have either been a faulty scale or will soon come off again.

    I am so in agreement with you over the whole period thing. I thought I was well on my way to menopause however the evil fates that exist for women alone have other tricks hidden to smite us. During that middle phase on the long wait to then end of periods completely we get excess bleeding, dropped bladders, hot flashes and all other sorts of even more joyous girl related events. Even when the thought of a hysterectomy is on the table the gynecologist has other scare tactics to worry one over whether even that will help matters. Being a woman just sucks in that sense...My only calming thought is that men have prostate problems (which in some small measure provides a drop in the bucket of our endless suffering ;)..

    I read your fen discussion to my husband this morning over breakfast. He lived for 10 years near Cambridge and it brought a smile to his face.