Monday, 2 November 2009

How does my body smite me?

Starting to get annoyed with my stupid body. How is it I can weigh 17 stone (238) fully clothed, in the evening the other day whilst loaded with food and drink... then weigh the next morning at 16st 11 (235) and think "yeah baby... tomorrow is going to be S K I L L!" and eat only 1200 calories of non stodgy food all day - which was the lowest calorie day of the entire week - and then I hope on this morning and its 16 stone 13 (237) a measly 1 pound difference between 6pm food loaded and 9am empty?

Does it wait and silently titter to itself and take great delight on Mondays?

I have worked really hard this week and I know in the long run its good, but for fuck's sake.

Also did loads of extra exercise yesterday as we had to move DS room out of his room and into the front room for the builders to start work. Didn't break a sweat but it was 4 solid hours of moving, clearing and rearranging.

This body of mine will seemingly always have the last laugh.

I will probably put on weight when I am dead so the coffin they fit me with at the beginning of the week is too ruddy tight on the day of my interment and they have to just fling me in the hole!

Official weigh in later... slimmingworld isn't until 10am. They go electronic at my place this week and I expect it will take the dozy fen folk a while to work out how to turn it on and stuff and then we will have to be there for about 6 hours. They are a bit odd the people in my slimmingworld class... I think I have mentioned it before, but there is practically a tangible barrier between our village and the village where we go for slimming. Its one road that separates us and about 8 miles. The air must change... a bit like James Herbert's - The Fog. There is a fen folk fog that turns everyone a bit nuts anywhere north east of where we live and they end up talking with a real yokle accent - any one with this accent over our way we just know came from that way. I have never known an area like it. We obviously have an accent to them too, but what I mean is this sudden stop of any accent. If you live in Newcastle you will have a particular accent but it sort of merges and gradually changes into a more Yorkshire accent as you come down the country, and if you travel east it gradually changes into a Wales accent, and that changes into a Liverpool accent and that changes into a Manchester accent and that changes gradually into a Brum accent and on and on and you can wander around the country like this gradually slipping accents and there is no perceptible cut off point until you come to Fenland. There is a sharp and distinct point from Fenland to all other counties around it. Its like a little island of accent. They are also a bit odd in lots of other ways too...

Anyway, this is frigging pointless talk, so I is gunna stop now.

just listen to this to get an idea of what I mean


  1. I am so with you..your body AND mine are playing silly buggers and I'm pretty much over it. Let's hope we have a better week (without it doing our heads in..what are the chances.. pffffffft!!)

  2. " will probably put on weight when I am dead so the coffin they fit me with at the beginning of the week is too ruddy tight on the day of my interment and they have to just fling me in the hole!"

    That is one of the funniest things I've ever read on a blog!!!!!

    LOL, cheer up, scales go up and down, but so long as you are going the right way, you will get there.

  3. PS just looked at your ticker, is your goal weight 103 lbs? That is seven stone five. . .are you really really short (er vertically challenged)? You look an average sort of height. . . or is this just a Monday morning (and I should be getting on with home educating, but instead I'm surfing around WLS blogsphere. . ) and I am not seeing straight?

  4. HA HA!! No 103 is the amount of weight I want to lose to achieve my goal! hee hee

    I will be happy with a clean 100, but I know that ever elusive little last bit is always a pain so if my ever elusive bit is 3 pounds then I got my goal of 100!! HA. I have to cheat my body into thinking I DONT want to lose 100 but 103 then that way I will. I hope my body doesnt read this and realise what I am up to!

    Oh, and I lost 2 pounds this week!! So back to 16st 12&1/2 lbs again. We are pretty well known to each other. Its the next 2 which I want to lose darn it!