Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ooops been gone a while

Right then, seeing as I have been tardy, let me bring you all up to speed. I had my unfill which was wonderful... too wonderful. I have been able to eat everything and it's dog.

So I booked to have a top up and had it done last Sunday. I had 0.5mls put back in (for free) and to be honest there is not a lot of difference. I have not been eating quite so much, but apart from that I am able to eat pretty much all things except for sliced bread/rolls.

I am finding that pitta is a really good thing for me to eat. I have had 3 pitta bread over the course of the day with hummus. Tonight's tea is roast gammon with cauliflower cheese and for afters we are having apple and blackberry crumble and custard.

I am not hungry right now, and all I have consumed all day has been pitta bread and hummus, orange juice and coffee.

If you asked me have I had a lot to eat today I would say "yes" and in the back of my min think "too much" but actually this is BECAUSE of the band causing the sensation of satisfaction. I only FEEL like I have eaten too much, when in fact I haven't.

I hope to see a difference with my eating with this fill. Not so tight that I cannot eat more than a bite, but enough so that I can keep healthy and just lose maybe even 1/2 pound per week.

I am conscious that I am not really at my 1 year out yet (Band Mk2 that is - counting November 9th as band day.), and I have lost about a 1/3rd of the weight I want to ideally lose. I hope to have knocked half the weight on its head by my Band (mk2) Anniversary.

What damage did I do to my weight whilst at open free for all... 4 lb gain. This was analysed as 1 pound of water, 1 pound of muscle and 2 pounds of fat. Not bad when you consider I ate like a hog for 2 weeks solid. Mind you, eating like a hog for someone with a band, whatever their restriction is like, is significantly reduced from the Hardcore Hog that I was pre banding!!

So, I am not going to update my weight bar and add on the 4pound gain, as I will feel horrible and it will put me in a bad place, and I will adjust it when I have lost 4 and a half pounds instead and then I will be happy.

I have exactly 6mls in my band.

I suffered with a lot of pain in my port over the last few days where I have had to resort to codeine (Thanks Dad! He gave me all 200 packets of 90 tablets given to him from the hospital after his cancer operation - bargain!). Codeine was the only thing that touched my pain before when my band broke. However, it was NOT that kind of pain, but really from the injection site. There has been no swelling, redness or anything else and I still definitely have restriction, so I am not worried, although paranoia did start to set in during the long sleepless night after the fill! Today is fine though and I have been decorating, sawing, painting and all kinds of stuff without a problem.

As for the normal lark... we have our new lodger Josh. He arrived this afternoon at 3:30 with all his stuff. He is really excited about staying and starting his apprenticeship etc. Seems like a nice lad. He has a brother aged 9 too so just like home really!

Right, over and out for today.

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  1. Good to see you're back in blog land! I'm going to get an unfill as well, but I'm going to learn form your mistakes and not "eat like a hog" because I can. Glad you're doing OK!

    LBG xx