Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Fat and f*&%ed off

I am serious annoyed.

This morning, after a drink and fully dressed I weigh 16 stone 3.


I have already booked another fill for Sunday, but got I am depressed.

I have decided that I have to take 1 day at a time. Stick to healthy eating each day and not look too far ahead. If I think to myself in 1 week I hope to lose 2 pounds... etc then things seem to go rubbish.

I am gonna just try to eat day by day and not worry about stuff.

I was 15 stone 7 a while ago... this feels like crap. REAL crap. Just shows how much restriction the band can give you because I have put on 9 pounds since being unfilled 3 and a half weeks ago. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is horrendous.

I am listening to Nirvana's unplugged album that I got for our anniversary on Saturday. Its wicked, but is sadly not lifting my mood much! All that angst and stuff

What is with those lyrics man...

Underneath the bridge
tarp has sprung a leak
the animals are trapped
they've all become my pets
feed em up with grass
and the drippings from the ceiling
Its ok to eat fish
'cos they don't have any feelings.

What a load of TRIPE. I used to think it was all so full of meaning, but its just a pile of crap.


I have just printed off all my pupils contracts for this year and put my prices up by a poxy 25p. like that's gonna help! that's like an extra £8 a week. WOOOoooooooo!

I feel miserable.

I hate being fat

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