Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My Dad is really really really REALLY ill.

Dunno where to start, but I guess the beginning. Here goes.

Run down of stuff:
Wednesday 10th September - Reversal of illiostomy after cancer of the rectum (Bowel Cancer)

Sunday 14th September - He had his 1st turn out in 6 months, which apparently was great!

Monday 15th September - Released from Hospital.

  • Evening - pain in side and shoulder
  • Night - could not sleep, excruciating pain
Tuesday 16th September - went to GP, was evidently not well, put into a side room, put on oxygen and laid down. 999 called and ambulanced to hospital sirens blaring

  • Evening - A&E dept. given morphine to help pain. temperature, low BP, high pulse/heart rate obvious signs of infection as his body was in shock. Wound opened and blood & puss pour out and even spray my mother in the face!
  • Night - wound stitches removed and scar opened up. A large amount of puss, blood and faeces removed from abdominal cavity through site of old stoma
Wednesday 17th September - Stabilised, but critical. Morphine given. Surgery given at 3:30pm to see what is going on, clean up and either fix reversal operation, give a new temporary loop illiostomy, or a permanent end colostomy. Told would be kept anaesthetised for 2 to 3 days.

  • Night - Brought back from surgery straight to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at approx 7pm. Completely our for the count on Life Support machine with respirator and 14 automatic drug administrators and untold monitors.
Thursday 18th September - In ICU - no change

Friday 19th September - In ICU -no change. Further surgery to wash out abdominal cavity and check for further localised infection. Anesthetic switched off at 6pm and put on heavy morphine. Wake up begins - or should do.

Saturday 20th September -In ICU - no change, still asleep. Very slight awareness to family voices. scrunching of eyebrows, especially to DS's voice and Mums.

Sunday 21st September - ICU - Nurses tried to wake him up by stopping morphine. Came around slightly but in obvious chronic discomfort, so morphine substitute re-introduced. Completely out of it, seemingly more asleep than before.

Monday 22nd September - ICU - STILL has raging temp, low BP, high pulse/heart rate and cannot breathe on his own - just small changes in awareness only. raising arms without particular control and raising eye lids a little although heavy towards family members. wriggling in bed, moving legs, but very obviously drugged movements like someone who is brain damaged.
Tuesday 23rd September - ICU - turn for the worse. Less movements, not absorbing food through the tube any more and excess building up in his stomach and going bad, having to be regularly pumped out. Food only being fed intravenously now. Still aware Mum there, but observations were not good. seems as if he does not get on with the morphine alternative, so put back on morphine. Possible lung infection, possible stomach infection. Tests

So I am a bit jiggered to be honest.

Also on Thursday, Felix (aka Dodgy) one of Mary's kittens she had back in May was savaged by the next door neighbours dog. He has broken ribs, broken pelvis, puncture wounds, pneumo-thorax and other associated shock problems, but is thankfully out of the woods.
Sue (our lodger) is £415 lighter and he has spent the last 2 nights in the Maternity cum Intensive Care caravan on the front drive. However, he had to move into the main quarters today as Mary gave birth this afternoon and evening to 6 lovely kittens. They are all yummy.
Here is a video of number 5's birth. They are a proper mixture. 2 are black and white tuxedo style and the rest are a tabby blend. One is a grey tabby and the others are varying degrees of tabby right down to black with grey go faster stripes down the side! 5 girls and 1 boy!


  1. oh Bunny I am so sorry! I will think good thoughts for your dad and that he will get better soon.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. My prayers are with him and your family. Breathe in and out Girl. Sometimes, that's all we can do to remain calm. Your Bandster friends are with you.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. My prayers are with him and your family. Breathe in and out Girl. Sometimes, that's all we can do to remain calm. Your Bandster friends are with you.

  4. Bunny, that is aweful.. you are having a terrible time at the moment. My thoughts are with you and your family xxx

  5. Just found your blog and I read this terrible thing about your Dad! I enjoyed reading some of your older posts and I hope your Dad is going to be OK.