Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Liquids and Mushies

Thanks for all your support guys.

I got a real telling off from Wendy at WLS Group. She told me to drink iced fluids for 24 hours and then liquids and soup until I see her on Sunday as I am totally jeopardising my band by being way too tight and sick so much. She said it was very dangerous to have stayed in that position and I should have got in touch with her immediately I noticed the amount of HMS'ing.

I have been very good. I did what she said all day Friday & Saturday. Sunday was a bit awful. TB was having some serious stress and I needed to be a chocolate eating partner with her, so I ingested my body weight in minstrels and had several glasses of vino too. Yesterday I had a little mashed potato and also muesli bar as well as yogurts etc.

Today I have been good too. I had a muesli bar with some milk for breakfast. For lunch I had a little bit of spaghetti that was left in the can after DS had spaghetti on toast for his lunch.

I have just consumed some nice biscuits soaked in coffee and that's probably going to me for the day. I might have a yogurt for dinner though.

I cant do liquids for a week. But puree and soft diet I can do. its a half way house.

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