Monday, 18 August 2008

Todays roundup

I have loads of things on eBay at the moment. A car, some shoes, a face cream, art books, my dress that I wore to the wedding and other stuff.

Hopefully I might get some cash back!

So that's what I have spent most of the day doing... photographing stuff and entering reams of crap on eBay. Its so long winded. Something that has really annoyed me today is the fact that if you revise and item, once you have listed it on eBay that is, it changes the title for you. good huh? I think that's rubbish seeing as I chose my title and took ages on it.


Bunk mate phoned today. Was wicked to catch up and her life has been just the same crazy whirlwind as mine... but not quite eh bunk mate? She thinks I am totally crazy and I guess she is right. HA HA.

Trish the Canadian lodger moved out today. Boo Hoo... but there we go.

Now, Bunk mate pointed out that people might be getting a tad lost in the comings and going of the lodgers and the cars...

Ok, here's a round up of the lodgers to date:
November 2007 - February 2008 Carina our German Girl
February 2008 - April 2008 Our two Spanish sweeties... Maria and Xandra
April - present Sue out lovely English Rose
April 2008 - June 2008 - Lotse the Hungarian truck driver
June 2008 - July 2008 - Lotse + Csilla his wife & Lilli their daughter!
June 2008 for 2 weeks Katie the Scottish news reader
June 2008 - August 18th Trish the Canadian Medieval history PHD student

So at the moment we have just Sue and her dog Dylan. In a week, Josh arrives. He is a young lad of 16 just about to start his apprenticeship and will be staying with us for at least 13 weeks... but more likely a year +.

Last night we went to Lotse and Csilla's for dinner with Sue. It was really great. They have moved into a 3 bedroom place and they invited us over for dinner. They are so grateful to us for helping them get started. Lilli, their daughter, is coeliac. They didnt know that they could get a lot of her food on prescription. She is so painfully thin its harrowing. They nearly wept at the thought of Lilli being able to eat bread, pizza, rolls and pasta. In Hungary their life was a bit awful I think. Anyway, to them its like they have arrived in Paradise. Weird considering I would give anything to go and live in Hungary!! HA HA.

So it was really nice to go there and see them settling into English life. What a massive decision huh? Their son Greg joins them in September also to make a new start. Really exciting for them.
So, lodger wise that's it really... waiting for next Tuesday to settle Josh in, but that should be no problem really.

well, I wrote my red Rover off last December, remember? I bought the horrid Mondeo to tide me over. Then I bought my MG but just didn't get along with it. Now I have bought a Rover 25 which is much more 'ME' and sold the MG. DH had a company car until beginning of June. Then he bought a Rover 400 saloon. It was a big of a nadger, and he swapped it on the site called which is cool for a Citroen saxo. But he still needed a better small car. So we just got him an 02 plate Ford Fiesta with is totally great for him and he is thrilled. So we are now selling the saxo.

Its all go around here boyz and girlz!

I have only 2 more weeks of the holidays left and then I am right back in the thick of it again. I am going to put my prices up because its just ridiculous not to. The few new people I have got over the holidays have not blinked a bit at the £14 per lesson price tag. I am, after all, extremely cheap anyway! The going rate is £16 - and that's travelling to the teachers house... so I am a bit of a bargain. I cant be too cheap or I will look like rubbish. Hard huh?

Ok, roundup of today's food...
had the prawns thing this morning
had an apple
had a couple of cereal bars
dinner was cauliflower, creamed leeks and duchess potatoes. I didn't bother with meat as it makes me sick.
Then I had half a bottle red and another cereal bar.

That's all folks!

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  1. Bunny where are you? I have been up on top of my blog and you have disappeared!!! Are you selling your stuff like crazy?