Monday, 19 May 2008

Getting VERY excited

I think today was the day that I finally cracked my stupid psychological issue of thinking I am not losing weight...

I AM losing weight, physically I know this, but mentally I don't seem to be able to see it.

However, today I wore my new size 16 skirt and top and cardigan ALL DAY and went to slimmingworld and weighed in at 15 stone 6 pounds!! So this last week I have lost 4 pounds in total. That's so cool! I am getting there head-space wise.

It dawned on me that its 2 days until the anniversary of my band breakage.
This time last year I weighed 16 stone 3.

I am 11 pounds lower than I was this time last year! OMG!!! THAT'S SO EXCELLENT!

That's what has done it. I remember thinking that I would be pleased if, after regaining all the initial weight loss after the band break, I was 16 stone 3 by the anniversary of the band break.

Well people, I did a fucking hell of a lot better than that! 11 POUNDS! WOW MAN! That's so good.

I feel like a new person tonight, I really do. I am feeling positive about strutting my stuff on Holiday as I will be a lot less than I weighed last year. I felt ACE in Sri Lanka and really felt on cloud nine about my appearance and was in a kind of awestruck expectation of amazing weight loss results. I am now back there. I don't need to lose 4 pound a week... I don't need to lose 2 pound a week to be honest. 1 pound a week will mean that by next summer I will be BINT! I will be absolutely fit as.

I figure that I have about 3 to 3 and a half more stone to lose until I feel like a regular person. My ideal weight is 4 stone away, and I know that I might never reach that weight, because the last time I was 11 and a half stone I was 17. Since then, I have actually developed a bust, had a child and all kinds of excess fat and shit, so I guess its a little optimistic, but this band makes me wanna aim high now.


Today's food, if any of you are interested...:

Salad and 1 Bulgarian meat thing that I can only describe as a sausage...

1 banana

that's it.

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Your positivity is OOOOOOOOOzing through my computer right now.. LOVE IT! Congrats on making it to a size 16!! WooHoo!