Monday, 7 February 2011


Well that's pretty final.

I rang them, seemed like the easiest option. Actually it wasn't because it took about 30 minutes until I had been connected and connected and on hold several times to get to the right person.

Tragically you must not use this machine if you have ANY implanted device which (after some deliberation by them) includes the Lap Band.

Also phoned my surgeon (as was scared!) and he said no too as it can cause tightness (!) swelling of the stomach lining and also tears in the muscle tissue around the port.

Apparently it doesn't have any effect on the actual band and port itself, but how its sewn onto us and where.

The same applies to massage chairs and the like.

So, my brief flirtation with wiggly jiggly is over.


It was so good at ridding me of aches after the gym. *Waaaaa Waaaa Waaa*


  1. Thats good to know, my gym has just got one and I was toying with the idea of booking a course.
    The tight git's expect us to pay extra for it so it kind of put me off anyway.

  2. Ours was free :-(((((
    I am mourning it!
    I used it this morning for the last time :-(

    I really noticed that my band closed shut after using it for about 2 hours! It must have been rubbing something around inside it!


  3. well I think that is just a load of crappola. :)

    First of all..the message is at the skin and muscle level at the most. Your port it lodged pretty securely (well hopefully THIS time) into your muscle and should not dislodge with a bit of vibrating. Tearing your port out would hurt...if the jiggly thing doesnt hurt it would not be tearing anything.

    your band tightening would not be from the jiggler but from fluid and swelling from your heart beating and lungs expanding etc during you aerobic exercise.

    I am positive both parties were covering their arses so that you couldn't sue them if anything happens to your band again.

    Even if you are worried-definitely the thigh and calf jiggle would be fine.

    For what it is worth I sat in one of those massage chairs on Saturday and it in no way had any effect on my band.

  4. I sooo hope you are right! It's just so difficult isn't it, but I know what you mean - in this day and age you can sue anyones ass!
    I might make a bit of an experiment and when I go on wednesday NOT use it and see if I feel the same. I will then update you peeps.