Saturday, 5 February 2011


Feeling really down today. We were supposed to be going to the NEC for the Jewellery show. I really loved it last year and it was so exciting as we were starting our own business and stocking up our shop with goodies and I think I just felt really on the cusp of something awesome.

This year, we had planned to go up tonight and stay in  a Travelodge (oooh the glamour!!!!) and then tomorrow get to the show early and spend the day there. DS is having a sleepover and spending the day at a Friends, so it was just the two of us and I thought it was just going to be nice to be on our own for a day.

However, we are not going.

The room is paid for, but it's going to cost about £150 for the weekend - petrol getting there, dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow and then lunch etc. DH will probably be tempted to buy some stock for the shop etc etc.

So we just decided not to go as its £150 we can't really afford right now.

So feeling really low, DS is already at the sleepover and I just want to go to bed and snuggle down forever.

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  1. Oh Bunny how disappointing. I hope you feel a little better today. Money is always at the root of most problems, isn't it? From the things you've said about your new business, it feels good and right that you should be embarked on this new way to earn a living, and maybe it'll just take a few years to take off, don't you think?