Saturday, 22 January 2011

very very slowly losing (and message for Caroline)

Caroline, did you post on my last message babes? I got the one about a rider, and to delete it but nothing else. I got one today too asking if I posted the post. I assume there was a new one but I didn't get it or something. I also sent you an email but it bounced and then found your email change, so hopefully we will sort it out. I usually get emails from you when you post something, but haven't had anything as yet.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know that I am slowly, very slowly, creeping down the scale. I don't quite know how it is happening, but I GUESS - even after all this time - that its because I am not forcing myself to eat three meals a day, eating one nice meal in the evening and being relaxed when I do so. I cant be consuming 3500 cals doing that, which is what I would need to consume to maintain my fat butted carcass.

Good huh.

I am going for the fill. Hang it, can't hurt can it. We also get 2 months off our council tax payments in Feb and April so I will use it for that. Sweet.


  1. Good luck with your fill!! I hope it helps a bit.

  2. any progress is progress right? I hope it doth continue :)

    We are coming over for sure in July this time...I will keep you updated as the date and plans become clearer.


  3. Bunny - I'm assuming by now you've received e-mail, telling you I'm gutted that a long comment I wrote for the previous post didn't get 'delivered'....

    John and I have been to Fuerteventura a few times years ago - I took a lot of pictures which I put at the end of my posts from time to time - and we're dying to go back there.